How To Write A Successful Product Launch Press Release?

product launch press release

How To Write A Successful Product Launch Press Release?

Explaining how your product is different from – and better than – others in its category is the surest way to attracting the right eyes to your product launch press release.  Plenty of products are launched each year. And you need to make yours stand out with a well-written press release that is interesting enough to catch the attention of not only journalists and bloggers but also the general public.

One way to provide newsworthy content is to cite experts, research data and other legitimate authorities. Educating the potential buyer by linking to studies and news reports that shine a positive light on the product’s unique attributes is a great story angle.

A product launch is the perfect opportunity to introduce – or reintroduce – your company to journalists and customers with a press release and attract attention from industry and consumer media to promote your new product


Quotes Add Legitimacy And Relatability

The importance of a good quote in a press release cannot be understated – depending on the media being targeted, the quote might be the only portion of your release that’s printed. Not only do quotes bring a more human side to your release, they also lend credibility by offering detailed information from the people directly involved in the newsworthy project — the primary source. Use a quote from a senior executive to explain your product’s main benefits to customers, why the company decided to do the project, or how this announcement fits in with the company’s existing products or future plans. Suggested article.

Another important source for a quote is a satisfied customer. Seek testimonials from the right demographic to be relatable to your target audience. For instance, mothers for baby products, business executives for time-management software, IT gurus for hardware and networking products or services. Finally, a quote from an expert, or from a published report – scientific, academic, even trusted media sources – is among the best methods to attach a newsworthy angle to an article whose underlying goal is to attract customers.

For example, the ongoing a “green” movement makes environmental sustainability a reliable selling point, so explain that your product’s manufacturing methods or materials are eco-friendly. Search for academic studies or articles by trusted media sources that endorse attributes of your new product, and quote them in your press release. A business-focused product could cite trusted sources attesting to the benefits of time-saving devices and technology, systems management upgrades, even easy-care business attire. Make sure to include the actual links at the bottom of the release, even if you use hyperlinks within the copy. In some cases it is appropriate to number references in footnote style, similar to the style used by Wikipedia.

Describe The Product

Stay away from industry jargon and buzzwords and describe the product’s most important qualities. Every product has something unique, even if it’s just the price-point. Tout the specific characteristics that make your product stand out from others like it and include a hyperlink to your product landing page to offer more information with a single click. Be sure to include a high-quality image of your product.

Describe Your Business

The information on your company should be brief since the complete company description will be included your boilerplate at the end of the press release. Use the company description paragraph within the body copy to mention other products and services and cite statistics on sales numbers and quote good customer reviews.

Brevity Is Essential

Brevity is important to maintain readers’ attention through to the end. A 400- to 600-word press release has a much better chance of being published in its entirety than a longer article, so make sure to use the “inverted pyramid” style – meaning each successive paragraph includes information of lessening importance so if the press release is cut from the bottom, the preceding content makes complete sense standing alone. This means you must include all your product information and most important quotes by the fourth paragraph, and your website and landing page links need to be closer to the top than the bottom of the first page. When possible, limit the release to a single page, two at the most. More earned media will result from two shorter press releases than one long one that might not make it to publication.


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by Jill McCoomber

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