Faselis Growth:

The Ultimate PR Solution for Startups

About Us and Why We Chose to Reinvent PR Distribution in the Cloud

In an era of endless news cycles, countless startups, and packed social media feeds, how does a startup stand out? What tools would a startup founder or senior team use to alert the world to their great idea? To become the cream of the crop brand in their industry?

As you might’ve guessed, this is not an easy problem to solve. Most PR distribution software available is either too expensive, outdated, or plainly ineffective in producing results.

Enter Faselis Growth. The cloud-based PR solution for startups looking to obtain coverage for their big idea.

Faselis Growth is a next-generation PR distribution system built for busy startup founders and teams.

Our secret sauce is a cloud-based interface that is super simple to use, costs less than the other guys, and is absolutely effective in meeting target journalists right in their inbox.

The No’s Tell a Compelling Story

One great way to explain what makes Faselis Growth special is to take a look at what it is not.

No long membership process, no back and forth with sales reps, no paperwork to sign in the mail, no complicated PR submission process, no long waits from editors looking over your release, no false claims of earned media to find out it was just a paid ad on a news website, no back and forth with antiquated software that times out or loses your release.

How about a few more no’s? No word limits, no image limits, no upcharge for PR distribution tracking.

We get PR, and we understand from a user perspective that PR distribution was broken, and needed fixing.

After spending time with expert programmers and journalist colleagues, we went to work building out a solution tailored for startups, new brands, and small businesses.

We’ve cut all the fat to produce a lean mean PR distribution wrecking machine.

Fast and Secure Distribution in The Cloud

Faselis Growth leverages a user-friendly interface in the cloud to quickly help produce and distribute press releases directly to a reporter’s inbox.

The cloud-based PR builder tool acts as a guide in developing a narrative that seamlessly is sent to targeted journalists across the nation.

Further, Faselis Growth provides international distribution capabilities to a broad set of large media markets including the U.S., Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, MENA, South Africa, and Central Asia.

With a simple dashboard, Faselis Growth users can monitor where releases are seeing opens among journalists, how many releases were opened, and links clicked within releases.

The Multimedia Difference

PR in 2021 and beyond mirrors content trends worldwide with journalists demanding more multimedia assets like images, infographics, and video.

Faselis Growth makes it easy to embed, link, and share multimedia assets that media today crave, at no additional cost.

Easy to Use, Affordable and Most Importantly Effective in Getting Media Attention

We believe our product is top tier for startups in a number of ways:

State of the art PR editor that allows creation of a release in just minutes

Media database updated daily

Real-time tracking of PR delivery and opens

Real-time tracking of aggregate data such as percentage of PR opens

Affordable single tier pricing allows for maximum coverage for one low cost

International distribution with reach to Turkey, Africa, Asia, Europe, MENA and more

Expert 24-7 support if any issues arise

We’re proud of what we built at Faselis Growth, and welcome the opportunity to serve you and your organization in developing a PR distribution campaign that is as affordable as it is robust.