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Reasons Why You Want to Send Press Release if You Are Being Sued

Reasons Why You Want to Send Press Release if You Are Being Sued

This country is known for lawsuits. Some are frivolous. Others are necessary. Many small business owners and entrepreneurs face lawsuits every day. You might want to keep the details of the lawsuit to yourself, but you should send a press release if you are being sued. 

Entrepreneurs and small business owners could be sued for a number of reasons. They might have to defend their trademark or proprietary items. They might have employee disputes. Someone might have gotten injured on their premises. Someone might have stolen from the company. Whatever the reason for the lawsuit, it makes sense to send a press release about it. Here are reasons why send press release after you are being sued:

1. It Is Public Record

Lawsuits are public record from the moment they are filed. Reporters regularly scan new filings in their state or county. If you want to keep the lawsuit quiet without the media knowing about it, you won’t get far with that goal. The media will learn about the lawsuit, and if it involves a significant amount of money, the press would be all over it. Therefore, it is better to take action in your own hands. Tell the media that you are being sued, how much, where the filing is and why you are being sued in a press release. This will show the media that you have nothing to hide. You will be able to set up an interview and get a story run on your company. 

2. Tell Your Story

Lawsuits involve two parties, which means there are two sides to the issue. If you are being sued, the media most likely already knows what the plaintiff is saying. You need to tell your story to the press as well. Send a press release using a press release distribution service, such as Faselis Growth, to tell your story to the media. You will want to inform reporters why you are being sued and what you think about the lawsuit. Make sure you are specific. You don’t want to say, “This lawsuit is frivolous.” You should say, “We will prevail because …” Journalists like to write about lawsuits because of the conflict and drama involved, but they also want to get both sides of a story.

3. Get Publicity

Lawsuits are a great way to get publicity for your company. Even if the lawsuit puts your company in a bad light, the publicity would still provide brand recognition for you and your products or services. People who follow the trial might want to do business with you, especially if things turn out in your favor. Depending on what the issue is, many people might be on your side and support you. For example, if you are trying to protect your proprietary software or trademark, your potential customers would probably support you. Sending a press release about the lawsuit will help you get the publicity you seek.  

You have to be careful when you send a press release about a lawsuit. You want to make sure it provides the right information and doesn’t sound like you are hiding something. You should consult a press release distribution service to ensure you word your press release correctly for maximum pickup. Faselis Growth has been working with entrepreneurs and small business owners on how to create press releases and distribute them to attract media attention for many years. The experts like to work with you and help you get the results you seek.

Faselis NOTE: 

If you want to get media attention when you are being sued, you will have more success when you hire experts. Faselis Growth can help you write the press release and send to editors and reporters.   

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