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How to Choose a Press Release Distribution Service?

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How to Choose a Press Release Distribution Service?

All small business owners and entrepreneurs have a choice when it comes to sending press releases. They could write the press release and distribute them without help or they could send the releases through a distribution service. If they choose to hire a press release distribution service, they have to choose the right one. Here are some tips that might help you choose.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to get press attention could send press releases themselves or they could hire a pr distribution service. When they choose to use a press release distribution service, they have to figure out which one is best. Here are some things to remember when you are picking a press release distribution service.

1 – Experience

You want to choose a service that has experience sending and responding to press releases. The longer a company has been in business, the more experience the company will have. You want to choose a pr distribution service that has many years of experience. These are the companies that know where and when releases should be sent. You might spend less if you go with a newer company, but you will not get the experience you need to get you the attention you want.

2 – Relationships

Press release distribution services should have relationships with journalists. They should know them because they talk with them regularly or send press releases regularly. You want to avoid online services that provide computer-generated releases and send to a database. They do not have the necessary relationships and are less likely to get you media attention. Most editors don’t even read these releases as possible news. You also want a service that can reach many print, broadcast and online publications locally, nationally or internationally.

3 – Assistance

Entrepreneurs often need help writing the press release and learning the process. Many pr distribution services are good for sending them to the media. They also are good at building relationships, but these are the only services offered. Faselis Growth offers these services, but it also provides help writing the press release and gives assistance to entrepreneurs to learn the process. These extra services are valuable when you are unsure what you are doing. Make sure you hire experts that give you more than sending press releases.

4 – Analytics

Pick a press release distribution service that can tell you how many people opened and read the release. This is helpful information when you want to follow up and call editors. Analytics also help you know whether your press release was well-received or not. If the release missed the mark, you can use that information to revise the release and try again. If the press release distribution service you choose doesn’t provide you analytics, you should find another one.

5 – Proper Reason

Many press release distribution services are in business to provide search engine optimization, but that is not the reason you should be using a pr distribution service. A press release is designed to get a journalist do a story on your company. If you are choosing a press release distribution to get higher Google rankings, you have chosen the wrong company. You also are not likely to get attention from the press, which is a low-cost form of brand awareness. Look for the press release companies that promise editors will read your release instead of those that promise better SEO.

6 – Cost – How to Choose a Press Release Distribution Service?

While many other factors come into play before the cost, you should be considering your investment. You want to choose a service that is not too expensive that it breaks your bank, but at the same time, not too inexpensive either. A service that costs too much might hurt your overall marketing strategy because you don’t have funds for anything else. A service that is too inexpensive might not get you the results you seek.
If you want to get media attention, you will have more success when you hire experts. Faselis Growth can help you write the press release and send to editors and reporters.

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by Louise Harris

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