How to Use Environment in Your Press Releases?

environment in press release

How to Use Environment in Your Press Releases?

Being environmentally conscious is good for business. When you reduce your packaging or save water and energy, you are doing your part for the environment. This translates into more sales and big monetary savings. This helps your bottom line considerably. When you take these actions, you should let others know about it. Here are some tips on using the environment in your press releases.

April is Earth month. To be effective in getting media attention, small business owners should take advantage of Earth month in their press releases. This article will give you ideas of how you could incorporate the environment in your business and in your press releases. You will save money, and you could get media attention in April.

1 – Change Your Policy

Adopt a new environment policy. Even if you had decided in January that you would protect the environment more by being more conscious of your footprint and energy or water you use, you should send the press release in April because editors are looking for environmental articles in that month. You want to write a press release where you tell the media what your new environment policy is. You better back up the press release with actual pictures and results from your new policy. For example, if you reduced your packaging by a significant number, show the savings from using less packaging.

2 – Add Solar to Your Building

If you own your own building, you can put solar panels on your roof. This will save you in energy costs, give you government rebates and tax incentives and make you look like you are doing your part for the environment. Send a press release with a picture of the solar panels to the media. Add before and after pictures. If you choose other energy-saving options, such as wind, hydro-power, methane power or biofuels, make sure you announce those also. Small business owners who don’t own their buildings can write a press release about how they shut down their computers at night, use natural lighting as much as possible and reduce energy usage considerably. They could lower heat temperatures or raise air conditioning temperatures to reduce energy usage.

3 – Go Digital for Distribution

While going paperless actually harms the environment, in this case, sending press releases through a press release distribution service, such as Faselis Growth, is good for your company and the environment. The reason is editors are not inundated with tons of paper releases. They get the releases in their e-mail and can delete what they don’t want to use. Therefore, they have less clutter and are more likely to pick up your story if written correctly. Electronic press release services also will help you craft it to get the maximum interest. They also have the list of environmental reporters and editors who understand what you are trying to do and get your press release to them. They are more likely to us it. The money use spend on a digital press release distribution service is a better value than sending through the mail. It would be cheaper in the long run.

4 – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

All companies should be reducing their usage, reusing what they can and recycling what they can. This saves considerable amount of money. It also promotes a positive work space and helps the environment. It also would interest editors if your part to reduce, reuse and recycle has led to significant monetary gain. For example, you have been reducing your packaging for a year, reusing corrugated and paper for a year, reducing your energy and gasoline usage for a year, and recycling paper, plastic, aluminum and toner for a year. You release that those efforts have saved you thousands or millions of dollars. Send a press release in April about your environmental efforts and the savings you achieved. Money always matters to journalists.

5 – Sponsor Clean Up Days

Establish days throughout April where you and your employees clean up a stream, park, ocean, highway, sidewalk or other public area. This promotes good morale, makes you feel good, and is an event that would attract environmental editors. Let them know at least two weeks before your scheduled event. This year, you could add cleaning up masks that people have thrown on the ground.
If you want to get media attention during Earth month, you have to connect your company to the environment. Faselis Growth can help you write the press release and send to environmental editors and reporters.

by Louise Harris

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