How to Determine Media Trends for Your Press Releases?

media trends for press releases

How to Determine Media Trends for Your Press Releases?

A great way for entrepreneurs and small business owners to get media attention is to write a release that coincides with media trends. While jumping on a bandwagon isn’t always the best strategy, it can be successful especially when the trend is in its early stages before it is played too much. This article will help you know how to jump on the bandwagon and determine hot media trends for your press release distribution.

Entrepreneurs are more likely to get media attention when they write a press release about a topic that is trending in the media. This works in the beginning of a hot media trend, but after the trend has been reported a number of times, then editors want something different. Here are some ways to figure out what the hot media trends are.

1 – Natural Disasters

These will trend in the media for several weeks. In the last few years, several disasters have hit at the same time. For example, currently, severe storms are ravaging the Midwest and South with tornadoes while wildfires are raging in South Dakota. These are causing massive damage and heartache. Entrepreneurs that have products that could help people during these disasters or in the aftermath could jump on the disaster bandwagon and send a release. Offering donations or volunteers is another way to write a press release after a natural disaster. You also might open your office building as shelter for displaced people.

2 – Court Cases

A national court case would get media attention for many weeks or months. These are cases that have been reported from the beginning and have caused people to talk about it a lot. In the 1990s, O.J. Simpson’s murder trial and Rodney King’s trial caused national sensation. Today, the Minnesota trial is big news. If you are an attorney or political analyst or you have collected the big data regarding the court case, you could send a press release and probably get media attention. If you are an entrepreneur with a software as a service company or a data as a service company, you could offer your computer-based analysis of the case. If you provide other services, you could use the case as a springboard to your services. You just have to make the connection make sense. Faselis Growth could help you write your release to include the court case in it.

3 – Social Media

On Facebook, Google and Twitter, hot trends are listed on the pages. You can see what people are discussing on social media to include in your press release. When a large populous are talking about a topic, the media hear and run stories about it. Therefore, you should try to connect your project to what they are discussing if possible. Most of the time, the trends involve celebrities, but other times, there are trends that you could mention and send a press release. For example, the attorney who had the cat filter was a big hit on social media. You might have a product that could eliminate filters when in business meetings. You might offer mental health counseling and could talk about how that might be humiliating for the man who had the issue.

4 – Alerts

Most people get alerts on their phone. These could be weather issues, child abductions or something else. Sometimes, these alerts are innocuous. Other times, they show a budding trend that media would want to capture. Pay attention to these alerts and write your press release that incorporates these possible problems. You could be an entrepreneur that has developed a way to find abducted children or trafficked women faster. You could have a product that would help in other situations.

5 – Press Release Distribution Services

Often, companies, such as Faselis Growth, have press release experts who are on top of the media trends. They could help you write your press release to take advantage of trends for maximum pickup and media attention. It makes sense to ask them for help, especially if you are not sure. They also know the publications that are reporting on the trends or broadcasting events. They would target these organizations and journalists who are interested in what is happening.
If you want to get media attention capitalizing on media trends, you have to connect your service or product to what is hot. Faselis Growth can help you write the press release and send to editors and reporters.

by Louise Harris

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