Everything You Wanted to Know About Press Release Distribution

press release distribution

Everything You Wanted to Know About Press Release Distribution

Entrepreneurs are constantly learning new things that could help them in their business. They go to seminars or watch webinars to get new marketing tips. They ask mentors and coaches what strategies work for them and try to copy those ideas. This article will help entrepreneurs and small business owners learn what they need to know about press release distribution.

Like other pieces of business, press release distribution involves a learning curve before entrepreneurs and business owners can excel at the practice. They need to understand nuances of the journalism industry and getting publicity for a company. However, press release distribution can be mastered even though hiring an expert might be a more economical choice. Here is information entrepreneurs need to know about press release distribution.

1 – Format Matters

Remember back in school when the English teacher told you that your paper had to be in certain typeface with certain margins and without errors? The same is true for press releases. If they come across an editor’s desk in the wrong format, the editor would probably not even look at it. Editors get hundreds of releases a day. They don’t have time to sort through a press release that isn’t easy to scan quickly. Therefore, those in the right format make it easier for journalists to read to see if the information is newsworthy. Most journalists want to see a press release written in Associated Press style and in a descending pyramid. That means the most important information must be at the top and you work your way down to the point of the pyramid, which is the information not necessary and could be cut. If you don’t know how to write a press release, experts, such as Faselis Growth, have templates you could use. In some cases, the typeface also matters, but that requirement is changing as technology changes.

2 – Contact Information, Photos and Videos Are Important

Don’t ever send a press release without your full contact information. A reporter or editor needs your name, title, company name, phone number, e-mail address, Web site address and second phone if you have an office line and a cell phone number. Without these details, they might not know how to contact you if they do want to run a story. In addition to contact information, you also should send high-resolution photos of the product, project or event you are promoting. You also want to send high-resolution photo of your company logo. Many reporters and editors today are doing all the work. In the past, newspapers and broadcasters had specific people for video and photos, but as more and more companies have downsized and consolidated staffs, one person could do the writing, photographing and layout. Therefore, you should send as much as you can to help these overworked journalists. And, broadcasters are looking for high-definition videos too. If you have them on what you are promoting, send them with the press release. However, don’t send a video press release where a company executive or actor is talking. This won’t be effective. Many journalists like to put press releases away until they want to use them.

3 – Don’t Get Discouraged

Many of my clients would ask me to send one press release and not send another one. Entrepreneurs and business owners must keep sending press releases even if the first one doesn’t get media attention. It doesn’t mean that the journalists were not interested. They might be waiting for a number of reasons. They also need to build a relationship with you. The best way for that to happen is to see your name several times in several press releases. In marketing, experts will tell you that people need to see your name and product 21 times in 21 different ways before they will buy from you. Journalists act the same way. They want to see several press releases before they will run a story. However, it is possible to send one release and get media attention, but it doesn’t happen that often. You also have to remember to follow up your press release with a phone call to the editor asking if he or she received it and were interested.

4 – Newsworthiness Is Necessary for Pickup

Journalists will talk about whether a press release is “newsworthy.” This means that they want stories that appeal to them and that they think will appeal to viewers or readers. For trade publications, newsworthiness might be different than what local newspapers run. Therefore, tailor your press release to match the audience you are trying to reach. If you have a product that appeals to readers of a trade publication, write the release in a way that would show the newsworthiness to those editors. For your local television, radio or newspapers, focus on the community impact your company has or what you are doing for people in your neighborhood.

5 – Use Distribution Service

After you have created your press release, you want to send the release via a reputable press release distribution service. The service has the contacts you need, will save you time in the long run, and can help you with follow-up. Faselis Growth has helped entrepreneurs and small business owners with their press release distribution. If you have questions, you have only to ask the staff members.
If you want to get media attention using a press release distribution service, Faselis Growth can help you know what is necessary to be successful.

by Louise Harris

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