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Why Entrepreneurs Should Focus on Podcasts for PR?

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Why Entrepreneurs Should Focus on Podcasts for PR?

Entrepreneurs always want to find new ways to get their message to the public. They might have tried press releases, but they might not have targeted podcasts specifically. Here is an article with reasons why you don’t want to miss this opportunity for publicity.

Entrepreneurs always are trying to find new ways to market themselves and their products. What worked in the past doesn’t always work now. They have to be creative and find a new way to get their message to potential buyers. They might not have considered podcasts as a place to send press releases and marketing materials. However, they should consider podcasts for public relations. Here are some reasons why.

1 – There Are More of Them

In the last 10 years, creating a podcast has become easier and more popular. There are a lot more podcasts available today than there were even a few years ago. Many of these new podcasts are run by journalists who are doing it as a complement to their print column or their television show. Others are developed by marketing gurus who use podcasts as a way to boost content on the Internet. They also are used as a brand awareness tool. Most of the podcasts are niche-driven, which means you will probably find one specifically for what you are selling. Podcasts also are expected to keep growing in the next few years. Therefore, by shear numbers, it makes sense to include podcasts in your public relations efforts.

2 – Be an Expert

As stated earlier, podcasts are niche-driven. Also, many of them are looking for experts in a field to be interviewed and use time in their podcast show. If you regularly include podcasts in your PR efforts, you might be considered an expert in your industry and be invited to speak about your company and product on the podcast. Once it airs, it will be on the Internet where you would get even more exposure. Often, podcasters are hurting for people to have on their shows. Your press release might point them in the right direction. You also could be an expert by creating your own podcast and sending a press release about that. It is not difficult to start and could pay off for you in the long run. In addition, you will reach the people who are most likely going to buy from you because they already are listening to a podcast in your industry.

3 – Pandemic Pushes Everything Online

Since the pandemic hit, everyone is doing everything at home on their computer. They are playing games online. They are buying online. They are conducting business online, and they are listening to podcasts online. Even before the pandemic hit, people were downloading podcasts from Amazon Music and iTunes. Now, though, there is an added incentive. People don’t have any other entertainment avenues besides podcasts and digital books. Therefore, the number of downloads is expected to increase dramatically and already has. In fact, large advertisers have pulled their money from other entertainment venues, such as movie theaters or sporting events, and have put them toward podcasts. With so much opportunity in podcasts, it makes sense to use your PR budget and focus on podcasts. You are more likely to get recognized and picked for a story on a podcast that has to produce content regularly to keep people downloading those episodes. You will get publicity you need to expand your reach.

4 – Pitch a Podcast

To get interviewed on a podcast, you need the right message and the right pitch. You want to ask advice. Talk with experts on sending press releases, such as Faselis Growth. The company’s staff is ready to assist you in reaching the right podcast with the right message. The experts will be able to tell you if you want to change your words or focus. Faselis Growth also has contacts with journalists. The staff find out what their focus is and regularly update that information, so if a journalist starts a podcast on new fashion products, Faselis Growth is likely to know. You are likely to get the right person you need.
If you want to get podcast attention, you should look to an expert. Faselis Growth will help you submit your press release to podcasters.

by Louise Harris

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