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How Rebranding Can Give Entrepreneurs More Publicity?


How Rebranding Can Give Entrepreneurs More Publicity?

Entrepreneurs have an idea and decide on a brand for that idea. However, circumstances might force entrepreneurs to change their brand. This might not be a bad move. It could lead to more sales and more publicity. This article will show you how you can get publicity when you rebrand your products and company. 

“Think outside the box,” is a popular phrase when entrepreneurs attend a trade show for new products. This phrase applies to almost anything. You can think outside the box when building your product. You can think outside the box when you do your marketing. You can think outside the box when planning or creating a business model. While the phrase is overused, it does have its point. The pandemic has proven that thinking outside the box often is necessity, especially for rebranding your product or service. When you think outside the box, entrepreneurs could get more publicity, which would lead to more sales.

1 – Brainstorm New Products

Entrepreneurs who want to rebrand themselves could develop new products. They could brainstorm ideas on what could be sold during a time of crisis or world interruption. For example, a welder who provided high-end railings and metal for his construction clients was noticing a big decline in his business as construction jobs were slowing. He gathered his employees together. Brainstormed ideas on what he could provide to produce more revenue and use what was available in the factory. He came up with a hand sanitizer stand that businesses could buy and put in their front door. Employees could sanitize their hands before entering their workstation. This stand sold incredibly well. He sent a press release about his new product and got two magazines and a local television station to do a story on him. He is selling 200 to 700 per day. He was on the verge of bankruptcy, but now he is selling the stand and his construction clients are coming back.

2 – Test Market

Entrepreneurs always should test their market before deciding on a brand and their next moves. After you test your market, you might realize that what you thought was a good brand didn’t go over well with clients. You also might get feedback that will show you a different idea for a brand. A company that planned to launch pet apparel conducted a test. The owners had the dogs wearing the apparel, but they started wearing them the products themselves. They sent out the test, but they also wore their products around town as masks. People started asking where they could buy those masks that would match their pets. They rebranded themselves as a mask company with a niche toward pet owners and sales took off. They sent out a press release about their new company and got television pickup plus newspapers. They now sell their masks and pet apparel nationwide.

3 – Turn Old to New

Most of the brands we know and love have had to do rebranding in the last few weeks to capture new customers but to keep the old ones. Restaurants had to stop serving in the building and brand themselves as take-out or delivery. While this has hurt sales for many of them that couldn’t switch as easily, others were able to retain revenue. They advertised themselves and their old brand in a new light. They also have attracted media attention by what they have been doing differently. They are reassuring their existing customers and sending press releases about their new way of doing things. Small companies are doing the same. They are changing their old habits and sending press releases about that. They are getting media attention.
In addition to the new brand, entrepreneurs must brainstorm new ways of trying to reach those journalists. They are now mostly working from home. In the past, they worked from their desks at the newspaper or in-studio. However, because they are at home, you have to think differently on how to reach them. Faselis Growth is a platform for entrepreneurs who keeps track of where journalists are and how they are getting their press releases. This is allowing the company to help entrepreneurs get the media attention they need as a result of their rebranding efforts.
If you want to get media attention, you have to rethink how to do that. You should come up with a better brand. Faselis Growth will help you submit your new brand to getting the most media attention you deserve.

by Louise Harris

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