Entrepreneurs Should Avoid These Mistakes When Doing PR

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Entrepreneurs Should Avoid These Mistakes When Doing PR

Entrepreneurs and start-ups often have a manpower problem. They try to do everything themselves to save money. That strategy doesn’t always work. Sometimes, they miss something when designing the product. Sometimes, they fail to keep track of their finances. Sometimes, they make mistakes with marketing. When marketing their product, they should avoid these common mistakes.

Entrepreneurs wear many hats. They are inventor, business manager and marketer. They might have some idea on how to market their product, but they can be stressed and miss something. When they attempt to do their own public relations, they make mistakes. This article will show three mistakes that entrepreneurs often make when doing their own P.R.

1 – Fail to See Why Media Are Necessary

Entrepreneurs often believe that they don’t need to send press releases. They believe this step is not necessary or a waste of time. They prefer to focus on digital marketing or social media to spread the word about their product. The opposite is true. Using the press, you can get free publicity for your product that is more effective in reaching your target market than using digital marketing techniques. While social media and digital marketing are necessary and important. They fail to provide the publicity without additional press attention. Sending press releases would spark interest in your product. People would then want to find out more about it, so they would look on their social media sites to see if anything was posted or they might go to your YouTube channel to see a product video. They also might search for your product. If you are targeting magazines, podcasts, or television shows in your industry, you will be targeting the people interested in your product.

2 – Fail to Grab Editors’ Attention

Entrepreneurs know their product, but they often don’t know how to sell that product to the media. Before you can get free publicity, you have to get the editor interested in writing a story about you. Selling to an editor is different from selling to the general public. For example, you could use bullet points to sell your product to your target customer, but you need a well-written press release to sell your product to your local and industrial media. A well-written press release involves keeping the information about the product short. It must be put in the correct style, which is the Associated Press style. It must have a catchy headline and a lead that grabs their interest. If you write a press release in AP style, have a strong headline and a good lead, you are likely to get their attention. But, getting editors to read your press release is half the battle. You also have to get them to want to run a story on your company and your product.

3 – Fail to Hire an Expert – Entrepreneurs Should Avoid These Mistakes When Doing PR

Entrepreneurs often want to do everything themselves, but sometimes, hiring an expert can save money and time. A professional writer can create a well-written press release in less time than a company owner. An online platform, such as Faselis Growth, can tell you where you have gone wrong with your press release and give you advice on how to fix it. The company also can distribute the press release to the correct editors who are most interested in your products. An expert also can tell you if your product isn’t new and give you ways to get media attention despite the lack of uniqueness in the product. Entrepreneurs often live and work in a vacuum and don’t see why their invention is not the best product since sliced bread. However, when entrepreneurs bring into their team fresh eyes and an expert on media, they get valuable advice. Then, they get the free publicity they need to market their product.
Entrepreneurs must remember that getting publicity for their product will help them find the right customers and sell the product.
Entrepreneurs can get advice on sending press releases and public relations by relying on the experts at Faselis Growth. You would get the publicity you need to sell your product.

by Louise Harris

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