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cost of pr distribution


When you are a start-up company, you have to use your marketing dollars wisely. You have to decide carefully how to spend your money on marketing. Each form of marketing has its own price tag. You want to choose those marketing moves that will not put you in debt. The cost of sending press releases is not expensive compared to other forms of marketing. For example, digital marketing could cost you several thousand dollars. Advertising in publications might be $15,000 or more. You also choose billboards, text messaging, e-mail marketing and social media marketing. You could advertise on Google or Facebook. While some of these could be inexpensive, many are not. Advertising on radio or television also could be expensive. These forms of marketing are good to use too, but you shouldn’t discount press release distribution. Here are reasons why you want to include press release distribution in your marketing plan and comparison of cost of pr distribution vs other tools.

All small business owners and entrepreneurs have to figure out to spend their marketing budget. Each form of marketing has a price tag. When you are starting a company, you should limit your marketing spending. Press release distribution is not a large chunk of your marketing budget. Here are some reasons why you want to use press releases over other forms of marketing.

1 – Good Publicity

When you spend money on press release distribution by hiring a company, such as Faselis Growth, you could get more than you wanted. If you write a release properly and send it, cost of pr distribution would be $500 and you could get newspapers, radio and television stations across the country doing stories on your product or services. You also could be featured in online publications and in industry magazines. This publicity is valuable. Except for the initial expense, this publicity is free. The exposure helps people remember you. The publicity also gives you brand awareness. While it is true that unlike Google ads, you don’t know how many people see or hear the story about you. The brand awareness is not something you could easily get without the good publicity you get from press releases.

2 – Less Often

You don’t have to budget press release distribution as often as the other options for advertising. Daily papers expect you to advertising weekly, meaning you have to continually spend that $15,000. Google ads automatically charge you every month, and the price is based on number of clicks, which means your price changes regularly. To be remembered, billboards must be visible all the time. Therefore, you should expect to spend that money every month. However, press release distribution doesn’t have to be spent all the time. If you want to send them once a month, you can. If you want to space out the distribution to less often, you could do that also. You could choose how often you send press releases and how often you pay to distribute them. It is more effective to send them more often, though.

3 – Best Way

If you wish to have industry media to write a story about you, using a distribution service even if you have to spend money to do it is the best way to get attention. Journalists rarely write stories from other forms of marketing. They like to receive press releases. If your goal is to reach young people, using text messaging or cell phone ads is probably the way to go. If you want to invite people to your website, using Google ads is a good idea. Getting publicity in media should be started with a press release.
You want to use as many different marketing options as you can, but you don’t want to discount press release distribution. The cost is minimal versus other forms of marketing and could bring you big results.
If you want to get media attention, you will have more success when you spend the money to send through a press release distribution service. Faselis Growth can help you write the press release and send to editors and reporters.

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by Louise Harris

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