Five Reasons Why You Want to Use Press Release Distribution Service

press release distribution service

Five Reasons Why You Want to Use Press Release Distribution Service

Many times entrepreneurs try to get publicity themselves without help from an expert. This can be a mistake. Experts know what editors consider newsworthy and know the right style. Experts also use press release distribution services. Read this article to understand why you want to use a distribution service. 

Entrepreneurs often know they need to get publicity, but they usually want to do it themselves. This could be a mistake. They know their product or service, but they don’t know how to get publicity for it. Experts know what makes something newsworthy and the style to get attention. In addition, entrepreneurs should turn to a press release distribution service when they are seeking publicity. Here are five reasons why.

1 – Save Time

Distribution services already have done the research for you. They have a list in your industry and national business publications where to send your press release. This would save the entrepreneurs a lot of time because they don’t have to find the contacts they need. It can take hours to find all the contacts in your niche. This time could be better spent on other forms of marketing or on perfecting the product.

2 – Won’t Miss Publications

When you don’t use a distribution service, you might miss publications, radio stations, television stations, podcasts, industry publications or online entities that might be interested in what you have to offer. Distribution services get data on all types of media and send to them in one transaction. Therefore, you are not likely to miss any opportunity for a story on your company or product. These stories could translate into thousands of dollars of additional revenues in your pocket.

3 – Get Advice

Some distribution services, such as Faselis Growth, have people on staff who can give you advice when you need it. They help you write good press releases. They help you figure out which publications would make the most sense for your products or services. You also could tap the templates that have been created for you so you get the most from sending the press release. Other distribution services can offer you advice on publicity plans and online publications. This advice is valuable when you are looking to get publicity for your company.

4 – Get Statistics

Distribution services provide you the statistics after you send your release. You know exactly how many received the press release, which publications it is and what they did with it. You can get stats on who plans on using the press release and where to target your follow up calls or reminders. Like many parts of marketing, the follow-up is key to getting the right response for your company.

5 – Think About Other Things

If you use a press release distribution service, you have peace of mind that your publicity is being handled. You can think about other things that are necessary to a successful business. The service will make sure your release is sent and will monitor who is interested in what you have to say. Except for a question here or there, you won’t have to think about it after it is sent.
Getting publicity wherever you receive it will help you market your products and company. You will get brand awareness and sales. Therefore, don’t be afraid to send your release through a press release distribution service.
If you want to get media attention, you have to consider ways to do that. You should use a press release distribution service like Faselis Growth to get publicity.

by Louise Harris

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