Alternative Use of a Press Release

alternative use of a press release

Alternative Use of a Press Release

Small business owners and entrepreneurs often understand why they want to send a press release to media. They also might know how to do it to generate interest in their company. However, sending to media is one usage of press releases. Small business owners can get more bang for their buck if they also use press releases in other ways after they send to the media. Here are five ways you could reuse your press release.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners understand that generating media attention is a good marketing tool. It does not cost much, and it could produce huge results. However, you don’t want to stop with just sending your press release to media through a press release distribution service, such as Faselis Growth. You could get even more results if you reuse the press release in different ways. Here are five ways you could reuse your press release to get as much attention to your company as possible.

1 – Post on Your Website

This might seem obvious, but many companies fail to have a press room or news button on their website. In the press room, you should include all your press releases. You also want to include other information about your company. You might want to have sample interview questions on there, biographies of officers or company owners, downloadable videos and pictures that press can use. When you add press releases to your website, it provides a place journalists can go to gather more information or to see the press release again if they had lost it. Adding press releases to your website also provide fresh, relevant content on your site for search engines. And, the press releases on your website shows that you are a professional. This is the first example on alternative use of a press release

2 – Add to Social Media

On LinkedIn, you could create articles. You could write an article using the press release. It already is written in a short article form with a headline, lead and paragraphs. You could use the article function in LinkedIn to post your release. On other social media, you could write a brief post and put a link to the press release on your website. This will allow those following you on social media to go to your website and read your news. Then, they are likely to stay on your website and possibly purchase your products or services. Having your press release on your social media also provides a link back to your website, which also helps for search engines.

3 – E-Mail to Clients

Most entrepreneurs know they should use a customer relations management software to keep in touch with their clients. Through CRMs, you can e-mail a newsletter regularly to them. Even if you don’t use a CRM, you should e-mail your clients the news you have. One way to show what you are doing in the company is to send your clients the press release. They want to know your news as much as the media do. Therefore, you should send your press release to them. Whether you use a CRM or your e-mail software, doesn’t matter. The key is to send them your press releases regularly. It keeps your company top of their minds and they build a trust in you.

4 – Promote to Potential Clients

Those companies who are still deciding whether to sign with you will want to see your news too. Sending press releases to potential clients will show them they you are a professional company that is getting attention. The press release will send a message that you know what you are doing and will serve these potential clients well. This promotion also will help you land these clients if your press release is about winning other clients or winning a large contract from the government.

5 – Advertorial – Alternative Use of a Press Release

Many newspapers and news sites online offer you the chance to pay for an advertorial. This is an advertisement that reads like an actual article. Creating your press release as an advertorial would help you by providing another link to your website, but it also might convince a newspaper or broadcaster to run a story on you. Many will do stories on companies that also advertise with them. Because most are conglomerates, if you advertise, it will run on several of their avenues. You might pick your local paper or television station for the advertorial.
If you send press releases more often, you will get more publicity for your company. If you want help with your press release, Faselis Growth is here for you.

by Louise Harris

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