Press Release Distribution Impacts Startups

PR distribution for start-ups

Press Release Distribution Impacts Startups

Entrepreneurs who start a business have questions. They want to market their new venture but they don’t know how to do it. Many don’t understand press release distribution. Many don’t know that they should send press releases or they are not sure how to write them or where to send them. This article will help entrepreneurs understand PR distribution for start-ups.

Entrepreneurs need help when they launch their new business venture. They have to understand how to get media attention about their new venture, how to market their businesses so they can attract investors, and how to benefit their business with the most efficient use of their time and resources. They need help learning PR distribution for start-ups, which slightly different from established companies.  Here are some tips for start-ups.

1 – Send Before the Launch

When you are close to your launch date, a month or less, you want to send a press release announcing that you are about to create your company and when you expect to be fully operational. This press release will generate interest among local reporters or industrial personnel about your company. It also might give editors and broadcasters a newsworthy event to cover if they choose. This first press release also alerts editors and broadcasters that you are about to be in business and what your expertise would be. These are important toward building a relationship with you and your company. You won’t get media attention if you don’t start building a relationship early, but you also don’t want to start too early for generating the buzz with a PR distribution. You could create a buzz on social media earlier than a press release campaign.

2 – Create More Than One

When creating your PR distribution for start-ups, you want to write more than one press release. Have a few ready to send with different aspects of your business and its function. If you sell products, have one about the products you are launching, one about the company you are creating and one about the people involved in making the products or work in the company. If you are a service company, you would want one on the business and which problems you solve, one on the reasons why your services are better than your competition and one that you expect to up and running soon. Give the date of your launch. You also want to have press releases targeted to a local audience or a specific industry so you can send different press releases to different publications or broadcast companies. You also want to send a few after you have launched. The more you send, the more likely media personnel would get to know you. When they know you, they are more likely to run a story on you.

3 – Use Experts

When you are a start-up, you have expertise in doing what you have created and produced, but you don’t have expertise in writing and sending press releases. You should hire an expert that can coach you through the process, provide you templates and get responses from media. Faselis Growth is one expert. The staff members there can walk you through everything you need to know. This will be cost-effective use of your time and money. You will know that your PR distribution is done correctly the first time. They will help you to build a relationship with others.

4 – Collaborate Marketing

Sending press releases about your new company becomes more effective when you collaborate with others. For example, if you have a brick-and-mortar location and plan a grand-opening event, you could work with other businesses to co-sponsor the event. Media would take more notice if the grand-opening is sponsored by established businesses that they already know. If you invite local politicians, ask them to also send press releases. This will make the impact greater and attract more media attention. You also could collaborate with local universities on a project. These collaborations raise the credibility of your start-up.
If you want to get media attention for your start-up, you need to be prepared and target your PR distribution to the right people.
If you want to get media attention using a PR distribution service for start-ups, Faselis Growth can help you know what is necessary to be successful.

by Louise Harris

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