How to Save Money on Press Release Distribution

save money on pr distribution

How to Save Money on Press Release Distribution

Entrepreneurs have a lot of expenses. They need to save money wherever they can. For example, they can save money on pr distribution. They can save money on marketing. They can save money on overhead by doing things online. This article will explain how entrepreneurs can save on sending press releases.

Entrepreneurs need to get publicity for their products and services. They need to use as many marketing tips as possible. They should promote their work on social media, online and through print or broadcast media. The way to promote your products and services via print or broadcast media is to send press releases. However, you don’t want to spend a lot on press release distribution. Therefore, these tips will help you figure out how to save money on press release distribution.

1 – Fewer Words

Some distribution companies want you to send a press release with 400 to 1,000 words. Then, they charge you based on that word count. The truth is these companies are not considering press release distribution as much as search engine optimization. Google is more likely to pick up articles that exceed 1,000 words so they ask their clients to create long press releases. However, these are not what journalists prefer. They prefer shorter press releases about 400 to 600 words. Therefore, if you write fewer words and use a press release distribution service that understands what journalists want you could save money on distribution. Also, these 1,000-word releases aren’t usually turned into stories by the media because the goal is S.E.O. not a news story.

2 – Less Multimedia

While all journalists want pictures and videos to coincide with press releases, they don’t want a lot of them. Also, making sure you have high-definition pictures and video to go along with press releases can cost a lot of money for entrepreneurs just starting their business. However, if you use a distribution service that doesn’t require you to send more than one or two pictures and video, you will save money. You also will attract more media attention because you won’t send too many to go with the press release. Journalists get a lot of press releases daily and don’t want to be overwhelmed with too much videos and pictures. You also can save money by not including any pictures or video if you don’t have them.

3 – More Targeted List

Press release distribution gives you a return on your investment when you send to the right people. If you send to the journalists who are not covering your industry or your locality, you are spending money and not likely to get picked up in a story or news broadcast. You want to send to a targeted media list. If you are an entrepreneur, you can save money on pr distribution by narrowing your list to include those journalists more likely to be interested in your news. You also could choose to send to your local media instead of sending something nationally. That also would save you money because you would be sending press releases to fewer people. Some companies, such as Faselis Growth will help you figure out what list you might want based on your news.

4 – Less Expensive Alternatives 

Like all industries, press release distribution is competitive. There are expensive companies. There are inexpensive ones, and those somewhere in between those two extremes. Entrepreneurs want to research companies and pick the ones that will give you a good return on your investment. Therefore, you could save money by choosing a less expensive alternative than others. However, they would still be high quality and give you good results.
If you want to save money on sending press releases, Faselis Growth can help you devise a plan for them.

by Louise Harris

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