Exhibits and Expos: How to Maximize Your Opportunity & Stand Out Against Competitors

exhibits and expos

Exhibits & Expos: How to Maximize Your Opportunity & Stand Out Against Competitors

When executed correctly, exhibiting your company’s products or services at a trade show can lead to new customers and leads. These unique events also allow you to directly engage with your target audience in a controlled environment while checking out your competition. Read below to find out how to elevate your exhibit and expos and become the talk of your next trade show.

Any trade show alum knows visually navigating through a sea of displays in a massive convention center can be daunting. However, there is always a handful of displays that naturally attract every attendee’s eye. Achieving the all-important WOW factor is what determines if your company leaves the audience with a lasting impression, or if you will be glossed over and forgotten. Although some believe creating an attractive display is the key to success, there are other essential factors that will help your booth become the badass business lead and customer generating a display of your dreams.

1 – Attract Customers with Alluring Designs

Although this may seemingly be a given, many trade show participants fail to take advantage of simple add-on items that can have an amazing impact on overall exposure.
Creating elaborate oversized displays may seem gaudy or self-indulgent to some, but when it comes to marketing, the more eyes you attract the better.
Creating large-scale displays that tower above the competition will help to ensure all eyes are on your company as soon as attendees enter the building. If your budget does not allow for a total display overhaul, consider adding something as simple as an overhead display to hang above your booth.
Be conscious during the design stage of what colors and display styles you will be utilizing. Everything should be legible and clean-cut. Often busy designs become less noticeable to the naked eye due to the chaotic nature of these large and colorful conventions. Another idea is to bring your own overhead lights to help illuminate your booth in the event that the convention center lights are dim (as they so often can be.)

2 – Compliment the Convention Center with Relaxing Retail Displays

Traditional trade shows having been rapidly upping the ante over the last decade. Trade shows have been hosting events in larger convention complexes over longer periods of times and accommodating growing audiences. These changes (in some cases) have caused conditions for attendees to decline. Many attendees end up exhausted after only having made it through a portion of the event.
By creating a relaxing environment with comfortable seating, you will entice potential customers with your irresistibly inviting atmosphere. This allows the opportunity to provide attendees with information on your products or services while they’re in an induced state of leisure, allowing them to better retain the information.
Keeping with the comfortability factor, provide small snacks or bottles of water to also lure onlookers to your display. Other good ideas that will keep the customers coming include adding phone charging stations and tabletops.

3 – Educate Your Audience with Interactive Demos – Exhibits & Expos: How to Maximize Your Opportunity & Stand Out Against Competitors

No matter the product or service your company sells your booth should include an interactive demonstration. If you are able to create a demo that the audience can participate in, even better!
Seeing your company in action will help consumers easily identify the value in your business and leave them with a lasting impression.
To make that great impression last even longer consider adding a contest to your interactive demo. If you provide winners with prizes be sure to place them in large-sized carrying bags so the winners can continue to market your brand as they travel about the trade show!

by Isaiah Bradford

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