What Can Entrepreneurs Expect to Get from Public Relations?

expect to get from public relations

What Can Entrepreneurs Expect to Get from Public Relations?

I meet a lot of entrepreneurs who tell me that they don’t see a value in having public relations. In many cases, they are expecting the wrong things to occur from having a public relations program. Unlike some forms of marketing, public relations doesn’t have an immediate impact on your bottom line. This article will give you ideas of what you can expect to get from public relations.  

Many entrepreneurs and business owners believe that public relations should have an instant return on their investment or they feel that they shouldn’t do it. Unfortunately, that is not the case. However, if entrepreneurs know what to expect, they can use public relations to their advantage. Here are what you should expect from your public relations campaign. Eventually, you will see a return on your investment.

1 – Story About Your Company

When you send press releases the correct way and targeted to the right editors, you should expect a story to be done about your company and services or products. It won’t necessarily happen immediately, but it could. When a local television station or a newspaper or a trade journal runs a story on you, people read about it and begin to remember you. Because you need to touch people at least 21 times in 21 different ways before people will buy from you, the public relations campaign will get you closer to that goal. The story also lends credibility to your product or service. In today’s world, it is so easy to start selling something that most people don’t know what to believe. They trust those companies that appear in newspapers, on television, or in trade publications.

2 – Relationships with Journalists

When you send press releases to the same people regularly, the editors begin to recognize your name. You begin to build a relationship with journalists. This will help you when you have big news, such as a new product launch or an investment round that you want people to know. Journalists are more likely to pick your product launch for features over others who never send press releases. This will give you an advantage over the competition. It could bring more people to your door whether brick and mortar or virtual and eventually, sales. When you have a relationship with journalists, you could reach many customers at once and be able to tell your story effectively.

3 – Good Will

Having a public relations campaign will show your goodwill to the community where you operate. Suppose you donate 10 percent of your sales to a local charity or church. Your public relations campaign will let people know about it, and they will feel better about choosing your company over your competitors. They will trust you because you do so much for the community. Other forms of marketing will not showcase your love of your community as effectively as a public relations campaign.

4 – An Increase in Followers

When you send a press release and have a public relations campaign, you would get an increase in followers on your social media sites and on your website because they read about you. These followers will turn into sales as you continually market to them. Public relations campaigns are indirect marketing, but they do work to increase your presence online and in print. The more people see you, the more they like you and trust you. The more they like and trust you, the more they buy from you. Therefore, having more followers is as important as a public relations campaign.
To get started on your public relations campaign, you should hire experts who can guide you through the process. You would want to send your press releases to publications that appeal to your target market. Faselis Growth is a platform that is designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners select the right publications and help them get started.
If you want to increase your bottom line, you should have a public relations campaign. Faselis Growth will help you create your public relations campaign.

by Louise Harris

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