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Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Cast Wide Net for Publicity


Entrepreneurs can get publicity for their products if they think broadly. While it is a good idea to have a niche, entrepreneurs can promote their products with a wide net within that niche. In fact, sometimes, magazines that entrepreneurs don’t consider might actually be interested in the story. This article explains why you want to cast a wide net to get publicity.

by Louise Harris

Entrepreneurs know their niche. They have an idea of who their ideal customer is and who is likely to buy their products. They know they need to market in that niche. However, sometimes casting a wide net will garner publicity that entrepreneurs hadn’t considered previously. Therefore, entrepreneurs should think about other possibilities when they are sending press releases. Here are some reasons why it is beneficial to cast a wider net.

1 – Find New Interests

When you think about publications or podcasts that are outside your market, you might find others who are interested in what you have to sell. For example, an engineering magazine might be interested in a product that is innovative for its engineering. You might have thought only the magazines that discuss what your product is would want to pick up the story. The same goes for chemical publications if your process uses interesting chemicals and chemical bonds. If these magazines write a story about your product, the readers might not be the ultimate buyer, but the entrepreneurs get publicity, which could lead to other articles and sales.

2 – Get Brand Awareness

Entrepreneurs usually want to sell their product nationally. Sometimes, they are happy to corner the local market. However, if the goal is to sell nationally, then it makes sense to submit a press release to business publications and industrial magazines throughout the country. You might have been picked up by a local paper or television station, but think about how many more viewers you would reach if you are interviewed locally and in another city. The other television station might think your product is great and wants to do a story on you and your company. That would double the publicity, which would lead to more sales. You might even get on a national news show. The more people that know about your product, the more likely you will be able to sell it.

3 – Might Be Surprised

When you send your press releases to publications or shows you think might be interested but you aren’t sure, you might be surprised to find out that they are interested. For example, you might have created a pet product that pet lovers also might like for themselves. A publication that caters to families might be interested in running a story about your pet product because families usually include pets. And, because pet lovers are the ones who would buy your product, the families might surprise you and buy your product. Sometimes, it pays off to pick those publications who are outside your market if they are related enough. The interest in your products or companies might surprise you.

4 – Get More Revenues

The ultimate goal for publicity is to attract people to buy from you. If you cast a wide net, you could find the additional people who are interested in your product and will buy from you. So, while focusing on a niche is the right marketing move, going for many different media is the right way to get publicity and sales. Send your release to as many places as possible because you might get a good response. Faselis Growth, an online platform for entrepreneurs to get publicity, is available to coach you on where to send your release to get the most impact and the most revenues.
Getting publicity wherever you receive it will help you market your products and company. You will get brand awareness and sales. Therefore, don’t be afraid to send your release to other places even if you think it won’t work.
If you want to get media attention, you have to rethink how to do that. You should cast a wide net when sending your press releases. Faselis Growth will help you submit your release to getting the most media attention you deserve.

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