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Why Entrepreneurs Want to Target Specific Journalists With Press Releases

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Why Entrepreneurs Want to Target Specific Journalists With Press Releases

In a previous blog, casting a wide net when sending press releases was discussed. In this article, we are going to explain why you should target specific journalists. You could still cast a wide net while being more specific in your reach.

Entrepreneurs understand that they need to let people know about their products or services or they will not get any sales. Many know that sending press releases is an economical way to spread the word about their company and their products. However, if you send your release to the wrong person, it will get lost in the inbox of big conglomerates. Therefore, you have to make sure that you target specific journalists. Here are some reasons why.

1 – Many Journalists

Large media conglomerates have newspapers, online publishers, magazines, television, podcasts and radio stations in their list of ownership. In a company that large, you can choose to send your press release to many journalists, but not all of them are interested in what you have to say. For example, if you sell products to the home improvement industry, you wouldn’t want to target the health reporters with your press release. You would want to pick the reporters who write regularly about home improvement, real estate, investment properties and property management. The same is true for the company’s magazines. Some would be interested while others wouldn’t care. Therefore, you want to choose the right journalist for the job. Faselis Growth is an online platform for entrepreneurs designed to help you choose the right journalist for the release you want to send.

2 – Small Town Papers

Usually, small town papers have a few people on staff. For these, it is easier to develop a relationship with a specific person. You can get to know him or her and send your press release directly to him or her. He or she will most likely want to run your story based on your relationship. The same is true for small town radio and television stations. You could send your press release to a specific person because you have gotten to know him or her at the studio. If your company is in a larger city, you still want to show you appreciate the work small town reporters do for a community and make an effort to build a relationship. You might even sponsor community events in that small town to build your name recognition with specific journalists.

3 – Industrial Publications

Industrial publications or trade magazines target a specific industry. Entrepreneurs need to target specific journalists in these magazines. They are the journalists who are actively writing about your industry. If you fail to target these publications and specific journalists within them, you will not reach your target market. If you don’t know the publications you need to be targeting, think about the magazines that you read. Think about the journalists you like reading who always gives you good information. Go ahead and target that person. Beyond what you read, Faselis Growth can help you find other publications and journalists to target in your industry.

4 – Why Entrepreneurs Want to Target Specific Journalists With Press Releases –Bloggers

Bloggers are often individual journalists writing about a specific industry. Many are independent and write for publications on a contract basis. Therefore, they usually have their own contact information. You can find that contact information in their biographies at the bottom of the blog. These journalists are important people to target because they could write about your story and send it any where. It helps to send your press release to them as well as others. Pick the ones you think would be most interested in what you have to say.
When you target specific journalists, you are more likely to find one or two interested in what you have to say. If the journalists do a story about your company and products or services, you will be able to market your business without spending much money.
If you want to find specific journalists to target with your press release, you should consider hiring an expert. Faselis Growth will help you target specific journalists to get the results you seek.

by Louise Harris

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