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Reasons Why You Need to Send to Industrial Publications

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Reasons Why You Need to Send to Industrial Publications

Business owners should always include industry publications when they send press releases. Although magazines operate months before its actual publication date, the publications are necessary for companies. This article will give reasons why these publications are important.

They should keep deadlines in mind, though, and send press releases at the right time to get inside industry publications. Trade journals and magazines could be printed or online. Usually, online publications have shorter lead times, but they still operate weeks before publication date. For example, send a press release now for the December issue.

When business owners talk about publications, they often refer to local newspapers or journals. They don’t always think about trade magazines or online publications dedicated to a specific industry. However, they shouldn’t discount industry publications. Business owners can find out why industry publications are important from this article.

  1. Hungry for News – Trade publications are not generalists. They stick to news happening in one industry over all others. Therefore, it often becomes difficult to find news in that particular industry. They are hungry for tips and nuggets from companies in the industry. For example, if you offer software as a service, you might send a press release to technology publications. Although these publications are specific to an industry, they don’t want fluff. They want substance. You are more likely to get these publications to write about the features of an application instead of the overview of the app.
  2. Competition – Business owners read these industrial publications to learn about trends in the industry and what competitors are doing. Therefore, you would want to send your information to the publication so your competitors will know what you are doing. You would want to shout to everyone in your industry what great things you have accomplished. While you wouldn’t want to give away proprietary information, you could talk about your innovations in general terms.
  3. Brand Awareness – Being in industry publications is a good way to spread brand awareness, especially among potential buyers of your product or service. It is important to have brand awareness. People buy from the companies they trust. If you are in the publications regularly, the buyers will begin to trust that you know your industry.
  4. Exposure – Industry publications are a good way to get exposure in your targeted market. Because the world is connected, it is important to get accolades and exposure from your industry to be competitive with others. Trade publications often hold contests for best practices. You could be chosen and get inside a publication. This will expose you to other potential customers. And, online trade publications will have your company profile and link that will increase your exposure to search engines.

You can keep find the right publications in your industry by looking at Faselis Growth and Faselis Professional solutions packets for distributing your press releases. You will have the latest contact information of the journalist and deadlines for publications.

by Louise Harris

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