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Six Reasons Why Editors Want Your Awards and Promotions

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Six Reasons Why Editors Want Your Awards and Promotions

When a company hires someone, wins an award or promotes employees, it is a big deal. Companies will celebrate the action. Sometimes, they announce it in their newsletter or employee communications. Smart companies also send press releases about the actions. Editors want releases about new hires, promotions and awards. Here are some reasons why.

Sometimes, companies aren’t sure whether their actions are newsworthy. If they won an award, promoted employees or hired new staff, they should send a press release. These are significant events that should be considered worthy of publicity. Consider the following reasons why editors consider these events newsworthy.

1. Business Briefs — Every publication, radio, television and online publication has a section for brief news. These are usually filled with notes about companies promoting employees, making new hires and getting awards. Although the story is usually small, it still is publicity and a mention of your company. The briefs are popular to read because they are so short, and they are searchable when put on a news site or in an online publication. Some outlets have a movers and shakers column, which lists all the people changing positions or getting hired. Often, these are just one sentence, but they are derived from company press releases. They will list the new employee, the company and where it is located.

2. Community Profiles — Some publications use releases about new hires or industry awards to do a profile on local businesses. For example, if a local company promotes a manager to vice president, the publication might do a story on that new vice president and his or her vision for the company. This allows readers to connect with local employers and see faces behind company names. Media also might do a profile if a company wins a prestigious award. If the award recognizes excellence in an industry, editors like to show that excellence is in their community. It showcases pride in the community and industry.

3. Sources – Editors like companies that have won awards when they are looking for sources. Companies who have won awards are considered industry leaders, and therefore, have a hand on what is happening in that industry. They will pick those companies to quote when writing stories about a particular industry. Editors recognize the efforts companies have to do to win those prestigious awards. In some cases, companies have to be articulate to win those awards. Editors believe these would be good people to quote. Along the same lines, companies who have promoted employees give editors new representatives that would make good sources. They also would give editors new perspectives on an industry or company.

4. Jobs – Any time a company hires new employees, editors want the release. Even if you are hiring two people, you are still adding jobs to the community. When local companies add jobs to the community, the local economy is doing better. Media personnel like to report stories about local economics, such as the number of local jobs has increase over this time last year. If the press release is written in such a way, editors will pick up on it if it is about jobs and the economy. For example, you want to be vague in the headline about the number of new jobs being created.

5. Popular – These briefs and movers and shakers bits are popular. Even national magazines or celebrity news sites will have these briefs. They will give tidbits about celebrities that aren’t going to fit in a full feature story. In a community or industry, people still want to read about other people. New hires, promotions and awards attract readers to your print, trade or online publication, and listeners or viewers to your station or podcast. Therefore, editors are constantly on the look out for newsworthy tidbits of companies in town. You should send releases about it.

6. Relationship – If your goal as a public relations representative is to build a relationship with journalists in your industry or area, these are easy press releases to send. You can keep journalists up to date on all your company happenings. The journalists will see your releases regularly and begin to get to know you and your company.

Six Reasons Why Editors Want Your Awards and Promotions – Next Step

You can help a journalist fill those brief columns with your press release about awards, promotions and new hires. However, you also want to reach the right journalists or your efforts would be pointless. You must deliver your press releases to the right journalists who may be interested in your story. To help you target the right journalists for your situation, you should take a look at Faselis solutions for distributing your press releases. You will have the latest contact information of the journalist.

by Louise Harris

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