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Three Ways to Use Coronavirus Disease in Public Relations


Three Ways to Use Coronavirus Disease in Public Relations

Often, when the United States is in a crisis, business stops. It happened after Hurricane Katrina hit. It happened after the World Trade Center and the Pentagon was attacked. And, it is happening now with the coronavirus disease. Just as when the stock market crashes, it is a great time to buy stocks at a fire sale price, it’s a great time to send press releases and keep marketing. You should be using the crisis in your PR and marketing. This article gives you three ways.

Entrepreneurs shouldn’t hide during a crisis. They should use the crisis to their advantage. For example, while other movie studios have decided to postpone production on new releases and have shut down their efforts, Universal Studios will release new movies on streaming platforms instead of theaters. This is smart marketing. The company knows that people are going to be using their streaming devices while forced at home. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of the crisis such as coronavirus by continuing to send press releases and managing their public relations. Here are some ways to do that.          

1 – Reassure Customers

Entrepreneurs should send a press release that they are doing everything to keep their customers happy during the crisis. If they have to close, the press release could announce why they are closing and how their orders would be fulfilled. Many companies are closing brick and mortar but are serving their customers online. If you remain open, you can reassure customers that you are preventing the spread of the disease and making sure their employees are safe and healthy. The press release might also explain the steps the company is taking to fulfill orders without violating the state of emergency dictates or spreading the disease.

2 – Promote Products That Help

If you offer a product that would help reduce the spread of the disease, you should talk about it. For example, if you have come up with an alternative to hand-sanitizer or you make a natural hand-sanitizer, you should send a press release about it. The fact that many stores are without hand-sanitizer would make your product big news. Also, people are buying online. Therefore, if you have created one, the press release could direct people to your online store so people could buy it. In addition, you could send a press release about other products that might help the situation. Even if your product is not needed for the crisis or to stop the disease, you should send a press release about your product. With people at home, they are looking for something new and want to buy online. Also, editors are looking for ideas that aren’t related to the crisis to fill pages and digital spaces.

3 – Help Community

When a crisis hits, people come together to help each other. In this crisis, we are told to stay 6 feet away and avoid crowds. Still, there are ways you as a company owner can help the community without being in a crowd. You could offer to pay salaries of waiters and waitresses or bartenders while they are not working. You could make sure the elderly in your community are OK and don’t need assistance. These are feel-good stories that would generate media attention. If you help your community, you should send a press release. It would raise your company in the minds of consumers when they have a choice between your company and your competitor. They are more likely to choose you because you helped others. If you can hire some of these displaced workers, that would be a good move too. Editors love writing stories about new jobs.

Entrepreneurs must remember that getting publicity for their product and brand will give them an advantage in the crisis.

Entrepreneurs should keep marketing even with the coronavirus disease. Faselis Growth will help them figure out how to use the crisis to their advantage to sell your product.

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by Louise Harris

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