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Reasons Why You Should Send Video With Press Releases

video with press releases

Reasons Why You Should Send Video With Press Releases

Entrepreneurs are usually product developers or engineers. They know about their gold mine in the innovative product, but when they begin to market it, they often miss the mark. Some might send press releases; some don’t. When you send a press release, it is a good marketing idea to include a video of the product along with it. Here are some reasons why.

Journalists today are multimedia personnel. The companies are multimedia conglomerates. Therefore, they are looking to fill more than print holes. They are expected to produce video and take photographs to go with their stories. For this reason, you will have an edge if you can help them do their jobs. This article will explain why you should be sending video with press releases.

1 – Conglomerates

Today, large corporations own print, broadcast and online publications. Journalists often work for several departments or are expected to produce videos and take photographs to go along with their printed stories. These multimedia personnel are overworked and doing three jobs. In the old days, journalists were specifically photojournalists or videographers or print journalists. That is not true today. To help these overtaxed journalists, you could send a video with your press release. You are more likely to get the story accepted if the journalist doesn’t have to the work of getting video. They would appreciate you saving them time.

2 – Better Explanations

Sometimes, you can say more about your product with a video than you can in a one-page press release. While you still need to send the press release, journalists on deadlines would appreciate the video if it can explain the product more effectively than the printed words. Innovative products don’t always come with words that are easy to understand. Journalists need to be able to write about it in a story. They can’t do that if they don’t understand the terminology. However, videos can help explain by showing journalists what it does. Therefore, it is a good idea to send a video with your press release to help explain the product.

3 – Visual World

Today’s journalists have grown up with television, computers and smart phones. Everything is visual today. Even print copy tends to have a photo with every story or a video with a printed story. Readers want to see the product more than they want to read about it. To attract these readers who are begging for visuals, journalists need videos. They could produce the videos or they could use the ones you send. Also, many of the stories that originate in a printed newspaper end up in the online and digital edition. Therefore, the video is even more important for computers, tablets, laptops and smart phones.

4 – Authenticity

New products come with a lot of claims. Journalists are skeptical about those claims. However, if you show them in a video how the product works, it gives you an air of authenticity. Even though more false claims are made on television, people tend to believe the truth in a video. Journalists are the same. They believe a video. You should be sending videos with your press release to authenticate the claims you make in the press release. You also could provide contact information in the video if the journalist wants a demonstration of the innovative product.

5 – Searches

Videos rank higher in search engines. Once a journalist runs a story online with a video, it will be found faster than text. Therefore, if you want people to find your product, you should include a video with a press release because when the story is posted online, people will search and find your product. In addition, when journalists are searching for story ideas online, they will see your video and be more intrigued. They are more likely to run a story that comes with a video than without a video.

Your product press release may have all the necessary information, but the pictures or videos of the product are also important to the journalist. It makes your release much more newsworthy when you have attractive images of the product to send with a release. Faselis Growth‘s platform allows you to send photos and videos with your releases.

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by Louise Harris

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