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What Are the Advantages of Having PR Staff or Outside Experts?

advantages of having PR staff

What Are the Advantages of Having PR Staff or Outside Experts?

When companies start operating, they have many decisions to make. For example, they have to choose where to spend their limited capital on marketing. The savvy ones will know that spending money on outside public relations experts poses advantages. As they get bigger, they might hire someone in-house to do the job. The other entrepreneurs will not see why it matters. The tips that follow will explain the advantages of having PR staff.

Start-ups and entrepreneurs often put marketing dollars toward digital advertising and social media. They often forget to hire public relations experts or to advertise via print marketing. Sometimes, they don’t know the value. Other times, they see print as a dead medium. However, employing a public relations staff has advantages. Read the following article to see why you want to hire public relations experts.

1- Exposure

When you hire outside experts or in-house public relations staff members, you are ensuring more exposure for your business, name, brand, and products. PR representatives are dedicated to ensuring that your company has the exposure in media it needs to get started. They don’t focus solely on digital marketing. They push for exposure in all forms of media: print, broadcast, online, and social. The more magazines and television shows that run a story about you, the more people will get to know who you are. This means a greater chance of increased revenues.

2 – Experience

PR pros are trained to promote businesses and their products. They have the experience to get the right message to the right person at the right time. Entrepreneurs often don’t know how to promote their businesses or how to write a press release. Sometimes, they don’t know when they should send one. Outside experts know all these answers because they have the training and experience.

3 – Relationships

Outside experts usually have relationships with editors, producers, and online bloggers. Entrepreneurs can capitalize on these relationships by using outside experts. They are more likely to get stories printed or ran digitally or aired when journalists have relationships with the person sending the press release. This is especially true if the company just started and has virtually no name recognition. If you have no name recognition, hire an expert whose name is familiar with the journalist in charge.

4 – Knowledge of Beats

Newspapers, bloggers, podcasters, trade journals, and online publications have “beats.” These are the specific sections dedicated to a particular industry, such as real estate. If you owned a company with a health product, you wouldn’t want to send your press release to the real estate editor. PR pros understand this segregation. It is similar to doctors who have specialties. They know which editors are the right ones for your product. You could trust them to send to the correct people. Faselis Growth has created a format that ensures your release is sent to the right person every time.

5 – Inexpensive

Compared to how much time you will spend researching publications and editors and how much time you will take to write a press release, hiring a public relations person is cost-effective and more efficient. And, it is money well-spent because you will have allowed an expert to do it for you for better results. Faselis Growth offers a number of plans that are inexpensive compared to what you would be spending and would give you the expertise you need.

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by Louise Harris

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