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What Are the Keys to a Successful Press Release Distribution?

successful press release distribution

What Are the Keys to a Successful Press Release Distribution?

Entrepreneurs want to market their products and services for the least amount possible. Therefore, they have to be careful how they send their press releases. They want to be successful with their press release distribution. Successful press release distribution is to have a story run on your company or products. Here are some tips on what makes a successful press release distribution.

Entrepreneurs want to get the most bang for their marketing buck. They can’t waste money on not being successful in press release distribution. Therefore, they will do what it takes to get picked up by news media or bloggers. Many entrepreneurs don’t know what is necessary for a successful press release distribution. That is why they hire experts, such as Faselis Growth, to guide them on what are the keys to a successful release distribution. This article will explain the keys to being successful when sending out press releases.

1 – Correct Format

Journalists are busy like all professionals. Therefore, they can’t be bothered to read press releases that come in the wrong format. Most journalists prefer press releases that are written in Associated Press style. They must have contact information, a dateline, a headline that includes a verb, a subheadline and lead paragraph. At the end of the release, the writer should put three number signs centered on the line or a hyphen 30 hyphen centered on the line. If you use the correct format, you are more likely to have a successful release distribution.
2 – No Mistakes
If you send a press release with spelling or grammar mistakes, you are not likely to be successful in garnering the attention of journalists. They will probably move to the next press release. They receive hundreds of releases a day. They don’t have time to read all the press releases sent to them. Therefore, they will choose the ones they like best. These are in the correct format and without mistakes in the release. Journalists don’t want to try to figure out what you mean when something is incorrect. Sending press releases without mistakes also shows you are professional and not some fly-by-night organization that could disappear after a story is completed.

3 – Short

Don’t try to send journalists your life story and expect to be chosen for news. They are short on time, so send a release that is short in words. Like everyone, news media people don’t have a lot of time to read or comprehend information. They have short attention spans. Therefore, make your release short and to the point. You want to convey your message in 400 to 600 words. If you do that and follow the other tips, you will be successful in your release distribution. Entrepreneurs should know how to talk about their products in brief. They have to be brief when explaining to potential investors, so do the same for journalists. News media personnel need to decide their television lineup, print edition or online edition in a few hours, so they don’t want to waste that time in choosing the stories. They would rather use those hours talking with companies and writing the stories.

4 – Proper List

Successful entrepreneurs who grab media attention do so by having a good list that includes the right journalists and is current. You want to make sure you are choosing the right people to receive your release distribution. For example, if you sell a product for agriculture, you don’t want to send your release to real estate writers. You should be sending it to agriculture and farming magazines, local news, and science or rural editors. Make sure your media list is up-to-date. People change jobs, and publications go out of business. Some organizations revamp their staff and what they cover. Faselis Growth always keeps it media list up-to-date so you could be assured that you are sending to the right people. You are more likely to be successful in your press release distribution.
If you want to be successful on your press release distribution, hire an expert, such as Faselis Growth to help you write it correctly.

by Louise Harris

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