Marketing Mobile Apps during the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Marketing Mobile Apps during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Marketing a mobile app can present unique challenges other industry’s do not have to face. Marketing a mobile app during a global pandemic is even more complicated. Read this article to find out how to properly position your mobile app’s online marketing strategy during the Coronavirus pandemic.

As the Coronavirus spreads internationally, industries around the globe have scrabbled to modify their marketing strategies to reflect the world we live in today. Over the last decade, the mobile gaming industry has quickly become a competitive and lucrative arena with an estimated 900 apps released daily. As society evolves during this unprecedented pandemic the manner in which every business conducts its marketing strategy must shift as well. This has required many companies to reevaluate their already established campaigns and make modifications that make sense to their business model and goals. From reevaluating objectives and goals to adjusting timelines and modifying which marketing tools are being employed, this guide will help put into perspective what your business should be reviewing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reevaluating Objectives & Goals

By now you’re likely aware of the economic impact COVID-19 has unleased worldwide.

This effect is surely being felt by your target audience. This may lead to modification in pricing structures or increased ad spending to get your game in front of mobile users confined to their homes by government mandated quarantines.

Increases in ad spend should translate to higher conversion rates. Consumers are currently suffering severe boredom as a side effect of being quarantined. Well executed paid ads will help inform your target audience about your product. Because of the increase in time spent on our phones during this period of social distancing you can reap major benefits if you’re willing to spend a little more.

Making adjustments in pricing may also help to drive app downloads. Customers are aware of the future financial restraints approaching and will be appreciative to see discounts for downloads. If you discount products or services be sure to make the proper adjustments to your financial documents.

Modify Your Timelines

Although this unforeseen health pandemic is causing major disruption in a multitude of business matters, your company can still make adjustments to your marketing timeline that will result in more accurate data post-campaign.

Putting some aspects of your strategy on pause and replacing them with culturally sensitive and time-relevant campaigns will aid in reassuring your customers that your business is committed to their wellbeing.

Extending sales or discounts, and implementing new ones are great ways to encourage downloads during this period.

Previously established strategies can be put back in place once the uncertainty brought by the virus has cleared. Because of these changes, it is imperative that your strategic marketing timeline corresponds with your modified plan of action. This will allow you to evaluate the success of your campaign and help you to prepare for future unforeseen global events that may impact your business. 

Reassessing your Marketing Tools

If you’ve made the responsible decision to modify your marketing plan of action as a result of the disruption the coronavirus virus has caused, then you may need to pause your current campaign and replace it with strategies you may previously have not utilized.

Moving to advertising mechanisms that reach consumers in the comfort of their own homes should be the first step. Social media, paid advertising, and email campaigns are effective tools in this instant.

If you’ve changed the tone or messaging of your campaign, including modifying pricing, internal procedures, or any other serious changes to your usual business model you MUST draft a professional press release to relay this information to relevant media outlets that may pick up the story, resulting in free promotion for your app.

Those who draft press releases to notify the public of any changes to their business should utilize paid press release distribution tools such as Faselis Growth. Free press release distribution tools are available online as well, although they do not usually reap as much benefit as the paid sites.

by Isaiah Bradford

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