How to Market SaaS Businesses During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Market SaaS Businesses

How to Market SaaS Businesses During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

SaaS marketing is notoriously complicated in comparison to marketing traditional products and services. With the end of the Coronavirus Pandemic nowhere in sight, SaaS companies find themselves in a unique position to help other businesses continue to operate during this unprecedented health crisis. Read this article to learn how to properly market your SaaS business.

As industries internationally struggle to create modified business models to accommodate customers under quarantine, the internet has become a literal lifeline for many. Fortunately, Software as a Service (Saas) companies are among the most highly valued public stocks today. This is because SaaS businesses allow other industries to utilize their services in a manner that allows business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic. In other words, the internet and SaaS businesses have been a saving grace to our crumbling economy. This is why now is the perfect time to implement a marketing strategy for any SaaS company. This pandemic offers a unique opportunity to grow your SaaS business while helping other businesses stay connected to their target markets while they are confined to their homes. Here are a few key points to keep in mind during the planning stage:

Brand Value Positioning

Whether you’re utilizing a paid online advertising service, content marketing, or a combination of both you should focus your messaging around the value of your services. By highlighting how your service can alleviate the stress associated with the current health crisis, your target audience will be more inclined to take action when viewing your ad or content. Crafting a tone that conveys your company’s commitment to optimizing clients’ desired outcome will help to ensure them that your business isn’t going to leave them high and dry once their credit card is processed.

Offer Free Product Trials

The financial restraints that accompanied the spread of this virus has left many business owners with dry pockets. Providing potential clients with a free product trial is a great way to demonstrate your company’s value to their business while simultaneously helping to support their business during their time of need. Once users log on and understand how valuable your services are, the likelihood of signups increase exponentially.


If your company has developed relationships with complimentary brands, now is a great time for a co-marketing campaign. By co-marketing your services with services of a complimentary brand, you are increasing the value of your offer to your target market. Co-marketing allows both brands to leverage each other’s audience and increases the potential to reach customers you may not have before. By teaming up with complimentary brands and creating eye-catching content you are sure to generate new leads in a cost-effective manner.


Have you ever searched amazon for an item and suddenly advertisements pop up for said item on almost any webpage you surf to? This is essentially the benefit of retargeting. Retargeting helps increase conversions through re-engaging previous website visitors. This marketing method helps potential customers familiarize themselves with your brand, leading to an increase in trust and credibility. SaaS supergiant HubSpot offers retargeting services through their AdRoll integration, as well as many other reputable companies easily found via a simple google search!

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by Isaiah Bradford

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