How to Modify Your Marketing Strategy During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

marketing during the coronavirus pandemic

How to Modify Your Marketing Strategy During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

As brands acclimate to the unforeseen changes in business practices that came as a result of the spread of COVID-19, disseminating information to customers and stakeholders has become a task in itself. With many brick and mortar locations taking part in mass closures, companies are attempting to adjust their business models to ensure their sustainability during the looming financial crisis. Seeing as the world is on-edge while we watch the number of coronavirus infections grow, businesses must find new ways to market their products and services in a manner that is sensitive to this growing threat. Marketing during Coronavirus pandemic is whole another topic to focus on.

The Coronavirus Pandemic is not only a major threat to the health of the human race, it has also impacted nearly every aspect of our lives – including disrupting our “business as usual” mentality. COVID-19 has forced marketing professionals to halt pre-planned campaigns and in turn must now focus on putting together alternative strategies that are conducive to the chaotic climate we are quickly becoming accustomed to.

As millions locking themselves away in self-isolation, online marketing has become the best method of getting your message out to consumers. Today we’ll discuss how your marketing team can adequately utilize three online marketing methods to maximize your brand’s visibility in a positive manner:

Social Media

As children are shut out schools and parents are forced to work from home, social media platforms have seen a serious increase in usage. While social media users spend hours scrolling through platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter, & Facebook, businesses have the opportunity to contribute to valuable conversations that will be viewed by thousands of your current customers as well as novices.

Paid Online Advertising

Utilizing paid online advertising methods such as Google Adwords will help attract new website visitors that are apart of your target market. Creating timely, relevant ads can help those unfamiliar with your company to view your brand as responsible and trustworthy. This increase in visibility can help lead to new customers.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another sure-fire way to stay in contact with your current customer base. Email campaigns should also be timely and relevant to current events and you should focus on highlighting products or services that are complementary to our new societal norm built around staying home. This method will also help reassure customers your business is taking the necessary precautions that allow them to continue operations while preventing the spread of the virus.

How to Modify Your Marketing Strategy During the Coronavirus Pandemic? – Create Content Relevant to Todays Climate

While creating content it is crucial to stay conscious about today’s social climate.

Crafting content that touches on the importance of topics such as mental health, hygiene, and staying optimistic while in isolation are great ways to contribute to the conversation in a respectful manner while also increasing brand exposure.

Mention how your business has modified its processes to prevent the spread of the virus. Reassure your customers and stakeholders that your business will continue to provide your products or services via new methods that will not jeopardize their wellbeing.

Be sure your content does not come off as making light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Do not exploit fear. Beware of the looming financial crisis your customers are facing.

Staying transparent and keeping an optimistic tone in your messaging will be vital during the coming months as each industry navigates its way through this unprecedented time.

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by Isaiah Bradford

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