How Targeting a Press Release Gets a Better Response?

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How Targeting a Press Release Gets a Better Response?

Publicity is effective only when it hits the right target. Just like marketing to consumers of your product or service has to be targeted to get a better return on your investment, sending a press release should be targeted to the right journalists. You will get better pickup and a better return on your investment if you target your press release. Read this article to discover more.

Publicity is important for entrepreneurs and their companies. They know that when they target their ideal customer, they are more successful. They receive a higher return on their investment when they choose the right people to approach. They should take the same approach with their publicity and sending press releases. When you target your press release to the right people, you will get a better response and are more likely to get picked up by journalists.

1 – Beat It

For most publications and newsrooms, journalists are assigned a beat. That means they cover certain topics. Occasionally, they cross over to other beats. For example, when a famous sports star is caught doing something he shouldn’t, the story will appear on the sports section, but it also will appear on the front page. In radio and television, the sports reporter will cover an in-depth of the story from a sports perspective, but the anchor or general news reporter will also talk about the wrong-doing from a news perspective. However, for the most part, you want to send your release to the correct beat covering your type of product or service.

2 – Stand Separate

When you pick which journalist to receive your press release if you pick the right one, you stand out among the crowded field of press releases. Editors receive so many press releases a day, so any way you can stand separate is a good move. It will give you better response because the journalists would be more interested in your story idea. When you choose the right journalist, you pique their interest, which could lead to more stories about you, especially if the journalist’s beat is in your industry.

3 – Know Niches

Journalists who cover beats get to know what is happening in their industry fairly quickly. They also are always on the lookout for something new. If you have a truly new idea that you have targeted in your press release, you are more likely to get media attention in that niche. They see all your competitors releases too, so they can determine quickly whether yours is truly newsworthy. That would give you an edge. The more you know the niche and the journalist knows the niche, the more likely your targeting would increase your chances of a story written about you.

4 – Trust Distribution

When you write a press release, you can go through the effort to pick and choose your press release for the better response. However, you also can choose to trust a distribution service, like Faselis Growth. Press release distribution services have created the targeted markets for you. They have researched beats and specific journalists. Therefore, you can be sure to send your release to the right people in your niche. That will ensure you get a better response for opening and for interest. You also will get an increased likelihood of a story about your product and service. T
Getting publicity is necessary for brand awareness and potential new customers. You get a better response when you treat a press release like you would a customer and target specific journalists.
If you want to be sure to send your press release to specific journalists,  use a press release distribution service, like Faselis Growth. You will get the publicity you seek without overspending.

by Louise Harris

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