Announcing A New Hire Or Promotion While Writing An Effective Press Release – Final Four Steps

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Final Four Steps To Writing An Effective Press Release Announcing A New Hire Or Promotion


To create buzz and garner earned media, create a press release announcing an important new hire or an internal promotion. As outlined in Part 1 of this guide, press releases announcing a new hire or promotion follow the standard press release format and include information on your new staff member, including details about their skills, experience, and expected contribution to your business. New-hire announcements are typically 400- to 600-words long and give your business credibility and media exposure. Following are eight steps to produce an engaging new-hire press release.

Here are the final four steps to produce a newsworthy press release promoting a new hire or promotion.

Follow these steps and gain earned media exposure by targeting industry and consumer media with a press release promoting a new executive or manager, or announcing an important staff promotion.



Final Four Steps To Produce Engaging PR Announcing A New Hire Or Promotion –

  1. Discuss Staff Member’s Background and Qualifications Within Body Copy
  2. Include a Quote About The New Hire From an Executive
  3. Describe the Impact of New Staff Member’s Role
  4. Finish Up With Company Boilerplate and Media Contact Details

1. Discuss the Employee’s Background and Qualifications

The next section of the body copy comprises the bulk of the press release and should be anywhere from 60 to 250 words. A new-hire press release sheds a positive light on the new team member by describing the expertise of the new hire. Additionally, consider mentioning your company and how the new hire expands or strengthens your business.

Be cautious, however, that you do not layer this section with adjectives. Press releases are factual pieces of journalism and should assert only verifiable information. Thus, leave out descriptors like “detail-oriented,” “enthusiastic,” and “hard-working,” and simply state the accomplishments and qualifications of the staff member.

Here are some features of the new employee that could be useful to include this section:

  • Previous company/companies
  • Previous position(s) held
  • Years of experience
  • Degree or advanced degree(s)
  • Recognition (Forbes lists, 40 under 40, etc.)
  • Certifications (e.g., P.E., PMI-ACP®)
  • Veteran status
  • Minority status
  • Notable accomplishments
  • Type of role (such as executive, management, specialist)
  • Scope of role (such as oversaw a merger, managed a $29 million budget, obtained a substantial grant)

2. Include a Quote about the New Hire

To make the press release as effective and interesting as possible, add a quote somewhere within the body. Ideally in the second or third paragraph. Quotes can range in length from 45 words to 150 words. As a result of that, a quote can add vibrancy to the release and convey more of the new hire’s personality.

Possible sources for a quote:

  • The new team member’s manager
  • CEO or senior management in the company
  • The new hire herself or himself
  • A major client or customer

3. Describe the Impact of the New Hire’s Role

The body of the press release should conclude with a brief discussion. 40 to 60 words, of how the new employee will further the goals of the company and/or improve the community. This is the final paragraph in the body.  Explain what the team member will be doing, him/her goals, and how the individual contributes to business objectives. Since this is the final paragraph, use this opportunity to broaden the press release to indicate that the staffer is a positive step forward not only for the company but for the community as a whole. In this section, you can discuss the business’ future plans, new product launches, or additional upcoming hires, especially if the new team member will be a part of these initiatives.

4. Conclude with Your Company Boilerplate and Media Contact Information

 The final sections of the press release – set apart from the body copy with a boldface headline – is a 30- to 100-word description of your business. This is a standard section included with any press release, and should describe the nature of your business, key products or services, and biographical information, such as years in business and names of founders. Below this, add the media contact information, including name, title, phone, and direct email. Make certain to include your website and specify if content directed to the media release is available for download or if there’s a dedicated contact media contact form, in conclusion.


Faselis Growth is a great way to get the word out about your new hire or an internal promotion and we’ll help you reach a wide selection of media outlets. And we can target specific industry media to create earned-media exposure and reach the movers and shakers in your industry.


by Jill McCoomber

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