Blogging Your Brand to Success: How to Create Blogs That Attract New Leads

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Blogging Your Brand to Success: How to Create Blogs That Attract New Leads

Adding a blog to your site is an easy way to attract new customers and engage with your existing ones. Read below to find out how to create blogs that will truly connect with your target audience.

If your business has an online presence you have likely considered or maybe even begun creating a blog. Blogs help build brand awareness through providing relevant and useful content that connects with your target audience. They also allow you to present content in a more casual manner than traditional online mediums. Well written blogs typically educate readers and encourage a larger conversation.
Check out a few of the major advantages to adding a blog to your business website below.

1 – Sell Without Selling

Consumers are more informed now than ever before. They consistently research products and services, forming their own opinions prior to making purchase decisions and actively commenting about them along the way.
Attracting consumers to your blog with value-driven content will aid them in the decision-making process. Instead of crafting blogs that highlight your products, focus on creating content that is centered around your mission. This helps give your piece an authentic tone and allows sales to naturally occur. It can also help to establish your business as an authority in your industry, adding to your brands overall credibility.
Also make sure each post has a purpose. Question who you are writing for and how you are helping your readers with each article you draft. Try incorporating inspirational conclusions that encourage readers to act. This incentive-driven writing style will help to keep readers coming back for more.

2 – Improve SEO

As you publish valuable content on a consistent basis search engine’s will begin to take notice, helping to organically improve your websites overall search engine ranking.
The key to success in improving SEO via blogging is creating quality content that resonates with your audience. This can be accomplished by creating attention grabbing headlines and captivating opening paragraphs to help catch and keep a reader’s attention. It also requires incorporating SEO friendly key words and finding story angles that are of interest to this demographic.
Once you have found your voice it is time to use it and use it often. This means consistently posting new content, we recommend once a week at minimum.

3 – Generate Shareable Social Media Content

If your blog does indeed create values for your consumers, then it surely could be of value to others. Informed consumers love to share the knowledge with their social media following, and this is where the benefit to your business lies.
Following the above-mentioned methodology of writing blogs that consist of an attention-grabbing headline, captivating opening paragraph, mission-driven messaging, and an inspirational conclusion followed by a call to action will ensure your content is share-worthy.
Be sure to encourage readers to share your content the blog itself as well as in the caption of any social media posts you create while promoting it.

by Isaiah Bradford

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