How to Tell Your Brands Story Through Digital PR?

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How to Tell Your Brands Story Through Digital PR?

In a world that has grown increasingly more connected, thanks to the expansion of internet availability, Public Relations Specialists have recognized the value of digital-based PR management. With the click of a button, PR agencies can distribute valuable tools like blogs, whitepapers, press releases, videos and so much more to thousands of web surfers.

Over the last decade Digital PR has become essential to many thriving brands. By connecting with bloggers, influencers, publications, and journalists’ online brands are quickly expanding their reach to large online audiences.  Read this article to find out how to expand your businesses’ reach through Digital PR storytelling.

Digital PR helps to enhance brands’ online presence by improving their SEO, building positive reputations, and expanding their overall audience reach. These enhancements are made through four major methods. The first requires acquiring online press coverage by reputable publications that include backlinks to your brand’s website. The second involves creating a positive online reputation. This is attained by sharing positive information about your brand with consumers as well as landing coveted reviews from social influencers and bloggers. The third method involves having your brand mentioned by multiple authoritative online publications to help increase overall brand recognition. The fourth and final component is securing social proof, which is done by exceptionally executing the first three methods mentioned.
With hundreds of new brands launching their online presence daily, it is imperative to create a PR strategy that both separates and elevates your brand against the competition. Finding unique ways to share your brand’s story will help differentiate your brand from the competition. Here are three ways to incorporate storytelling into your online PR strategy.

1 – Turn Press Releases into Storytelling Opportunities

Getting your press release noticed by journalists and publications can be a daunting task. While they typically receive dozens per day, most consist of the typical fact rattling paragraphs about the businesses’ latest venture. Incorporating storytelling in your press release can add an inspiring touch that will help separate your release from the dozens of other bland releases they receive each day.

2 – Customer Stories Can Be Key

As your brand builds relationships with its customers it is important to reach out and request feedback. Customer testimonials can be incorporated in many marketing tactics that will help to create social proof and elevates your brand’s reputation among online audiences. Encouraging user-submitted content on social media platforms and on reputable blogs are other great ways to access customer stories.

3 – Incorporate Influencers to Tell Your Story

As the internet has exploded in popularity online influencers like bloggers and social media personalities have become just as (and sometimes even more) influential as journalists. When brands collaborate with influencers with audiences similar to the brand’s target market, they are able to deliver a story that the audience can trust. The influencer however must create content that is genuine and centered around your brand’s product or service.

 by Isaiah Bradford

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