How to Increase Your Email Marketing Engagement Through Storytelling?

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How to Increase Your Email Marketing Engagement Through Storytelling?

Email Marketing can feel like a fruitless fight for customer engagement. Those customers that have made it to your coveted contact list have opted to do so but keeping them from opting out of future campaigns can be tricky. Read below to find out how to use storytelling to increase email engagement and help build brand loyalty.

Having a new customer sign up for your email list can be exciting. The terror only sets in shortly after realizing you now must keep them engaged to prevent them from opting out in the future. While marketing your latest products or services and sending relevant updates are routine, adding that extra flare by sharing stories centered around you or your company is a surefire way to increase customer engagement.
Check out the story angles below to find out how they can help you keep your subscribers engaged.

1 – Audience Point of View

To authentically connect with your customers, you can create email campaigns featuring their stories.
Seek out customers either via social media or other means that have had a positive experience with your brand and allow them to share their story their way. This will provide your marketing team with unique content that customers will instantly connect with. This angle also helps build social proof.
Giving your audience a voice will increase engagement as well as help build trust in your business by educating customers, giving them the confidence they need to purchase your product or service.

2 – Share Your Origin Story

A simple yet effect angle, sharing your origin story allows you to connect with subscribers by informing them what inspired you to start your business.
By clearly defining your company goals, key principles, and driving factors behind decision making you will provide customers with a transparent view of who you are. This will allow them to connect with them while also increasing trust.
Many brands include their origin story as part of introductory emails for new subscribers.

3 – Internal Interviews

Customers quickly grow tired of being sold to 24/7. Instead of sending out constant promotional and marketing emails mix it up by showing what is happening with your company internally.
Interviewing team members from the CEO to the custodian can help break up the monotony of marketing.
Finding out why your staff loves working for you can be a great morale booster internally as well as stakeholders and your subscriber list. Think of fun series you can keep ongoing such as speaking with the creators of current projects but focusing the story on the person rather than the product.

4 – Give Them Insight on Your Goals 

Subscribers are essentially members of your company’s community, and in any good community the citizens treat one another like friends.
By providing stories that give insight into your brands future and goals (both long and short term) you help customers create a sense that they are valued.
These kinds of connections can spark excitement and help elicit feedback that will help in tailoring future goals around those who matter most – your customers.

by Isaiah Bradford

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