Creating a Million Dollar Brand Through PR Outreach: Exposure and The Big Opportunities That Follow (PART 2)

exposure and big opportunities

Creating a Million Dollar Brand Through PR Outreach: Exposure and The Big Opportunities That Follow (PART 2)

This is the second in a three-part series titled Creating a Million Dollar Brand Through PR Outreach. Here is the Exposure and the Big Opportunities That Follow.

1 – The Fruit of Media Exposure

What happens when a brand is given exposure by the media on a high level? Leads and sales increase. When the national media run a story there should be an increased volume of leads and sales. Beyonn d money, there are many reasons why earned media is so valuable to brands today.
Don’t believe the media holds a major grip on people in America? Take a look at this Nielsen Total Audience Report that showcases a staggering 11 hours per day of media use for the average American. In de VS is dat gemiddeld zelfs 11 uur

Earned media far outweighs ad buys in that earned media is, at least in theory, meant to be objective. So you will have credibility theoretically money can’t buy.
Now, there are advertorials, and inside ball games stuff, like NBC’s Today Show doing a piece on their own theme park, but overall the idea remains that when the media does a story on your brand there is value to it, as mentioned in the credibility article on day one of this campaign.
Beyond sales volume and credibility there are many benefits to earned media exposure, including but not limited to:
-Reaching new and unserved audiences – first-time awareness of the brand
-Becoming a leader in the industry the brand – go-to brand in the category
-Developing new brand ambassadors – discovering and activating those passionate for the brand
-Creating new opportunities for networking and partnerships – resulting in more sales
-Excellent social media fodder – nothing better than sharing good words from others on the brand
-Enhancing brand value in front of potential consumers and clients
-Enhancing brand value in light of an acquisition
-Becoming a household name – think of this awareness as driving sales when future ads go out
-Developing new products with the help of a wider swath of feedback
As is evident from the above, the fruit of media exposure goes far beyond a traditional ROI calculation.

2 – The Long Tail of Media Exposure

According to a recent Hubspot Research survey on buyer behavior, over half of the respondents discovered new products and companies from friends and family. Compared to just 28% from magazines and newspapers, and a paltry 12% from blogs.

Why then is this good for media exposure? Because think about it, where did the friends and family first come into contact with the products and companies they were referring to? Chances are on a media outlet, social media account, or through a similar source during their 11 hours daily trek they make through the media landscape.
In other words, the fruit of exposure goes beyond just the first media mention, it drives the referrals of family and friends once they try and enjoy a product or service.
The idea of word-of-mouth marketing and PR also drives home the point of having a very high-quality brand proposition. A great and remarkable product. No level of PR can make up for one that falls short in this regard.
It is easy to see that with exposure comes great opportunity for short and long-term profit for companies that are ready to commit to the work of reaching the vast landscape of media through hard work and determination.
Next, we’ll drill down on developing a sustaining PR campaign that develops a million-dollar brand that lasts the test of time.

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by Clark Covington

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