Why Your Brand Should Be Marketing Infographics?

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Why Your Brand Should Be Marketing Infographics?

Marketing specialists are all too familiar with the frustration that content creation can cause. With so much information to disseminate marketing professionals must find ways to incorporate as much information about their product or promotion as possible within the confinements of traditional marketing materials.  Read below to learn how Infographics can help you achieve your marketing goals.

In the age of the information superhighway, many internet users have seen their attention spans decline significantly over the last decade. Most social media users’ glance at a post for a fraction of a second before scrolling to the next, leaving minimal time to commit the information to their brain. This change in our societal attention spans has made successful online marketing tactics that much more difficult to achieve.
This is why infographics have become a popular marketing tool. They allow marketers to convey a plethora of information in one visually appealing post.

1 – What is an infographic?

An infographic is a visual that clearly outlines information with charts, graphics and/or illustrations. With infographics, you can take seemingly boring information or data and shape it into a visual story that explains complicated concepts quickly and efficiently.
Infographics traditionally mix the above-mentioned elements as well as writing to give your viewers context. Generally, those that design infographics strive to create visually compelling designs that increase the odds of going viral.

2 – The benefits

Educated consumers hate fluff. An infographic provides your audience straight to the point information. Audiences today more easily retain visual information than ever before. By sparking your audiences’ interests with a well-designed graphic, you’ll also increase the likelihood of it being shared and therefore increase your chance of going viral.
If possible, consider designing your infographic with embedded code that allows users to link the visual to their social profiles or blog. This will help to establish your company as an authoritative brand among the industry and helps to increase overall trustworthiness.
The viral and shareable nature of infographics provide increased brand awareness among your target audience which can lead to an increase in overall website traffic.

3 – How To Make an Infographic

No longer does it take a degree in graphic design to create a visually stunning infographic.
Today you can find dozens of free quality online tools that will help you produce high-quality graphics for more than just infographics. provides thousands of customizable infographic templates. Its easy-to-use editor allows users to modify everything color schemes to add animation. Canva provides a free version as well as the premium that gives you access to premium stock photos and other cool features.
Piktochart is an alternative that offers similar features to that provided by Canva.
Similarly, provides paid content creation tools, including an infographic maker. also offers access to their design team that will create you a custom infographic for a relatively low price.
Keep in mind when designing your infographic that a simple structure and key element designs are the key to creating an effective design. For more information on how to design the ideal infographic, check back for the release of The Ideal Infographic: How to Convey Your Message While Attracting Clients (PART1).

 by Isaiah Bradford

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