What You Should Do Before Exhibiting at Trade Shows?

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What You Should Do Before Exhibiting at Trade Shows?

Business owners know that a great way to demonstrate a new product is to exhibit at a trade show. Entrepreneurs with ideas also attend trade shows. They might exhibit at a show if their idea has made it to a prototype or if it is being launched. Journalists also attend trade shows. They are looking for stories in their beat. They also want to meet business owners and talk with them. They want to see new products that might spur their interest for a story. To maximize your return on your trade show investment, you want to alert journalists and investors attending the show. Before exhibiting at a trade show, follow these steps to help journalists know about you.

Trade shows are a great way to showcase a new product or talk to people in your industry about an idea. You also could line up investors. But, do you know that trade shows also are great ways to meet journalists and build a relationship with them. You should take steps before the show, during the show and after the show. This three-part series will explain what you need to know to help journalists attending the trade show know you and your product. Part 1 describes the steps before the show.

1 – Review a List

Often, conference organizers will provide exhibitors and speakers the names of journalists who will be attending the trade show. You should review this list and become familiar with the names of those journalists attending. Knowing who is attending will help you target the specific journalists interested in the trade show and possibly in your product.

2 – Take a Look

While it is understandable that entrepreneurs and business owners preparing for a major trade show would not have much time, you should take a few moments to look at the publications and get an idea of what types of stories they run. You should be able to figure that out after reading a few articles or listening to a few clips. This will help you craft your press release about the show.

3 – Write a Press Release

This press release would explain that you are an exhibitor at the Famous Technology Show ’20 and will be launching a new product or service. Include your booth number and details about the product or service. In the press release, don’t forget to mention if one of your executives will be speaking and which program. If you are going into a joint venture with other companies at the show, mention that too. You should send this press release to the targeted list and your local media. They might not be attending the trade show, but they might run a story on you because of your connections in the community. You also want to send this press release to the local media of the city where the show takes place. They might not be attending the show, but they might run a general story on the show in the city. You could be highlighted in that story as one of the key exhibitors. If writing a press release is daunting, you should consider getting help from Faselis Growth, which is a company designed to help start-ups write and send press releases.

4 – Add to Press Room

Although many companies forget to put their press releases on their website, you don’t want to miss this important step. Creating a press room for the trade show will allow journalists to get background information before the show begins, saving you time and energy later. If you already have a press room, don’t bother with a separate one, just add the most recent press release to it. A press room is nothing more than a digital press kit.

5 – Ask for Interview

To the journalists who are attending, make an appointment for an interview with the chief executive officer, project manager of the product and the company public relations person. It would be easier for the journalists if all the key people are in one place and in the interview. That way, journalists can maximize their efficiency when covering a large trade show. Make sure you confirm the date and time before leaving for the trade show.

6 – Create a Media Kit

Before leaving for the show, you want something that you can hand to journalists. Therefore, you should create a media kit. It should include the company history and background, biographies of company executives and those involved with the project, biographies of the product, photos of executives and products, company logo, possible interview questions, screen images of the technology, user testimonials, booth number, promotional items, your two press releases, and your availability during the show.

7 – Write Second Press Release

The second press release should focus on the new product and your goals for attending the trade show. Print copies of this release to provide people who come to your booth and to those journalists who will be attending the trade show. After a week has passed since you sent the first release, send this one to the previously mentioned media. The reason is to keep your company on top of their minds. Again, if you are unsure how to word this press release or where to send it, contact Faselis Growth for help.

8 – Post to Social Media

You should create a page on your social media dedicated to the trade show. To be most effective, you should post regularly up until the event. You want to include links to your press releases in the press room of your website. Ask your followers to share the links. Posting pictures and videos of the products you plan to launch at the show would generate a buzz about them. If you or a company executive are speaking at the show, make sure you mention that too.
In the next article, we will discuss what you want to do during the trade show to maximize the potential of getting media attention.
Speaking or exhibiting at a trade show is newsworthy. You want to maximize your return on your trade show investment, so make sure you get help with your press releases and media exposure. If you work with experts, like Faselis Growth, you will be able to make your show experience beneficial. You might be getting media coverage for your prototype.

by Louise Harris

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