What Makes Press Releases Newsworthy? Part 2

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What Makes Press Releases Newsworthy? Part 2

Start-ups and entrepreneurs are focused on getting their company off the ground. It’s tough for business owners when they have limited marketing dollars to get their startup moving and bringing in money. Sending press releases is a good way to promote your new company without actually spending much money. However, you might wonder what would make something appeal to editors, broadcasters and online media? In the first part, I gave you some simple reasons that could make press releases newsworthy. This article will be more specific.

I recently wrote a blog about what makes something newsworthy. We decided that more could be said. Therefore, this article will give you more of what makes stories newsworthy. This is part 2. A third article will follow this one.

  1. New Products/Services – Companies that have invented a new product or is selling a new product or service should send  newsworthy press releases. Trade publications like to run stories about new products. Online publications also will run an article about a new product. Business journals like to feature companies that are offering new services in a community or nationally. Your local paper also might highlight a new product you have created if it serves the community.
  2. New Office – Companies that have been at one location for a long time and have expanded into a bigger office should let the media know about the change. Business editors do follow companies in their area. They will mention when a company has a new location. Sometimes, broadcasters will cover a grand opening. If the new office also involves hiring more people, the editors will be interested in the story more. Regardless, if you open a new office, move to a new location or have a grand opening, send a newsworthy press release.
  3. New Software – Many companies are becoming software-as-a-service type of companies and operate virtually. Because so many businesses and startups are going this route, media personnel are always on the lookout for new software and new software-as-a-service providers. If the software solves a problem that many companies are facing, such as customer relations management or sales, the media will run a story because it will help others. Much of the software available helps business owners behind-the-scenes so they can save time and focus on more important tasks, such as what their main product is. Therefore, send releases when you are releasing new software or improvement on what is already available.
  4. Big Client — Congratulations on landing that big client that will help sustain your cashflow, but you shouldn’t celebrate in-house. Let others know about it. Winning a major client is worthy of a press release. It shows to editors that you are here to stay and that you have become an industry leader. Getting a big client also could mean a boost in the local economy or an increase in jobs for your industry.
  5. Government Contract – By the same token, if you are a small company and have won a big government contract, you should send a newsworthy press release. Government contracts usually are worth millions and big dollars affecting a community are of interest to editors. In addition, if you are subcontractor to another company that won a big government contract, you still should send a release because it shows your expertise in that niche. If you are minority-owned startup that wins a government contract, that also has news value. And winning government contracts tend to lead to more jobs.

If you are unsure whether your idea for a press release is newsworthy, the experts at Faselis Growth and other companies will give your release an evaluation and help you make it newsworthy. You should ask for help if you don’t know. That one might not be newsworthy, but something else might be.

Stay tuned for part 3 in this series.

You can be sure that you will always know what is newsworthy when you ask the experts of Faselis Growth and Faselis Professional solutions.

by Louise Harris

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