Creating Content About Product or Company Regularly – 5 Tips

content about product or company

Creating Content About Product or Company Regularly – 5 Tips

When companies begin their marketing efforts, they soon learn they have to keep content about their business current. That gives them the edge in search engines. Also helps people to remember them. While most marketing companies will mention content and refer to online content, small business owners should be thinking overall content. That means, they have to keep online content current, but they also have to keep print content current. For example, they have to send press releases regularly and have brochures or postcards handy to provide prospective people. Although business owners are experts at their niche, they might not know how to come up with content ideas for both digital and print marketing. Here are some tips to help them generate the content about product or company.

Go anywhere on the Internet and you will find an article telling you content is king. That is true for digital, but your print content shouldn’t be outdated either. Business owners who are too busy to determine how to come up with ideas to stay fresh can get tips from this article.


  1. Holidays/Special Days – An easy way to generate content is to make the topic linked to a holiday or special day. For example, a pet grooming business might create content around the “Dog Days of Summer” in August or in National Pet Month. The owner could write a press release that ties to National Pet Month. In addition, the owner could create a topic for a blog or guest post that connects to a holiday. It could be best apple-picking locations during the fall or a listing of favorite pumpkin recipes. Business owners must connect the digital and print content to be successful.
  2. Competition – See what others do in the same industry. While business owners shouldn’t copy this content, they can get an idea of something similar. For example, a sign company wrote an article about the different types of signs that are great for churches to use. A marketing company created a similar blog by giving people four ways to use a sign as a marketing tool. Business owners can come up with a similar topic by fine-tune it to fit the needs of their businesses. Besides topic ideas, business owners can see how competitors are marketing, what avenues they are using and try similar marketing tricks.
  3. Surroundings – Linking content to things happening in communities is a great way to come up with something and being local at the same time. For business owners who are stuck, this is a good strategy. And it promotes good will. It also gives you a local reputation. Say the community is having an art festival that is well-known. Business owners can talk about the artists that are scheduled to come, their involvement in the festival or the ways the festival is good for their target market. They could send press releases explaining their support for the community festival. Filling out a profile on the festival’s Web site will give business owners another marketing strategy.
  4. Brainstorming – Business owners can come up with content ideas through a brainstorming session. They could get three or four people together. And throw out any idea for both print and digital content. During a brainstorm, people will say anything idea even if it might sound silly or strange. These brainstorming sessions usually generate good ideas for use because it allows workers to say things without worrying about consequences.
  5. Events – Having an event is a good way to generate content. Besides the obvious of having to announce the event, business owners can talk about special activities during the event. They also can create content about how the event will help customers or clients. They can write about specific products around the event or a group that might be co-sponsoring the event. For social media, business owners will want to post to the event page daily until the event happens and even during or after the event.

Remember to keep print and digital content current. If the task is too much, consider hiring professionals to help.

Five Tips for Creating Content About Product or Company Regularly – Next Step

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