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How to Publicize Your Event Effectively?

publicize your event

How to Publicize Your Event Effectively?

Event planners and company executives know that without the right publicity, the grand opening or fundraiser will not attract participants. To be an effective event planner, you have to know how to get people to come. The most effective method is to use all types of marketing to your advantage. Many people believe they can get away with social media. While you need to use social media, you also need other ways of publicity to publicize your event.

It sounds so simple.  Create an event and people will want to come. However, without proper planning, your event will fall flat. And, it is possible that no one would show. Your event is competing with so many other entertainment opportunities. To have a successful event, you need proper planning and proper publicity. Read this article to find out how to publicize your event.

How to Publicize Your Event?


After you have a date selected, you should consider how to get your event into print media. For example, newspapers and magazines. If your event is a trade show, you would definitely want to publicize in trade magazines. You have two options. You could send a press release with the event information or you could advertise. Savvy event planners use both methods. When you send a press release with an event, you will get the attention of calendar editors who will include the information in their calendars. When they post these events into their online calendars, the event becomes searchable. The right release can get an event posted.


Consider advertising your event on radio and television. Advertising is not that expensive and reaches a broad audience in the community. People remember things more when they hear them or see them on television. Think of all the telethons that generated millions of dollars just because people saw it on television. But, don’t just advertise on television and radio, appear on podcasts or local news shows talking about your event. Again, a press release written properly will attract radio and television personnel to want to do a story on your event. However, you could ask to be on a show, especially if it is local or in your niche industry.


When publicizing your event, remember to send the news of it to online publications and bloggers in your industry. These publications usually will write something in their briefs, calendars or features. All of these placements will help customers find your event when searching for them. Bloggers might even want to come to your event and cover it or feature the event prominently in their blogs. You also can boost the reach by advertising online to coincide with features or blogs.

Publicize Your Event by Social Media

It is important that you incorporate social media into your event planning publicity. The social media sites are designed to bring people together at events. Therefore, you should use them. Create event pages and post on those event pages daily for at least a month prior to your event. Send electronic invitations to buy tickets or RSVP to the event. Post pictures, videos, and nuggets of information on the event page. For example, if your event features an important speaker, make sure you mention that on social media. During the event, use social media to promote the event and ask people to come if they hadn’t known about it ahead of time. You also might want to incorporate social media ads to promote the event.


With every event, the personal touch is necessary. Sending invitations via electronic mail is another way for you to connect with potential customers. But, don’t stop at e-mail. Spend money to print nice invitations and mail to an area that would match your industry. People rarely get these and they mean so much. It makes you human instead of a robot. Public relations personnel could help you target a mailing to the right people.


Whether you need press releases targeted to the right media outlets, help with your direct mail pieces or other services, Faselis is here to provide you with the services you need.

by Louise Harris

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